Monday, January 21, 2013

Warm Comfort on Foggy Winter Afternoon

   The fog started to roll in this afternoon making an already chilly day feel even colder.  A friend reported that it was 10F this morning at her place here in town.  Upon checking the temperature just a bit ago I saw it was 14F and dropping.  We are already down past our predicted low of 18F for tonight.

    I made myself some "comfort food" from my childhood growing up in Hawaii.  A steaming hot bowl of ramen with cabbage, carrots and crab not only filled my tummy but also warmed me up from the inside out.

   I then fixed myself a nice hot cup of chamomile tea.  It is the perfect way to help me unwind and start to relax at the end of a busy and productive day.  I really enjoy this quiet time to reflect upon things.

   My "shadow" Molly, who did not want her picture taken, was also seeking some warmth and comfort.  She spends a good part of her days and nights either on my lap enjoying the soft fleece blanket or cuddled up right beside me.  She is a wonderful and very effective "heater".  It is days like this that make me happy to know that Spring will arrive in a few more months and I will enjoy seeing the new growth of flowers and the budding of the trees once again.

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