Sunday, January 27, 2013

Big Brother to Be Bradley Spends the Night

Yep, you read that right, Bradley is going to be a big brother!  Chris and Heather are expecting another precious little one at the end of July! 

Bradley came in time for dinner and decided that he did not want the peaches but was more than happy with the banana and banana bread that Grammie made.

He and G-pa had some playtime before Bradley had a bath.

He was not feeling well (he has a cold) and was running a bit of a temperature so we gave him some baby Tylenol.

He started to feel better after the medication and was determined to play with Daisy who was very patient with him.  He loves kitties!

Still not tired so he played in his favorite car and took his ball for a ride.

He is just so darned cute!  Grammie and G-pa just can't get enough of this kid!

He just spotted a kitty and the kitty was very glad he was contained in his car. ;)

Hey G-pa, wanna play ball?

Get ready G-pa, here it comes!

Look Grammie!  I caught it!

Mine, all mine!  Can I take the ball to bed with me?  Grammie said no.

The next morning G-pa introduced Bradley to the cartoon Scooby Doo.  It kept his attention for quite awhile!

Dancing to the music on Bob the Builder.

Shaking his booty!  LOL!

I think both Bradley and G-pa are enjoying a slow morning together. It was so good to have Bradley stay here and I hope we can make it a once a month "date".  I would say our first sleepover was a big success!

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