Thursday, September 6, 2012

Salt Water State Park in the Seattle, WA Area

Ducks resting after eating their fill of yummies found in the tidal pools while a gull sits in the background.

Seagull waiting for the tide to go out more so he can find some goodies to eat.

A little wave action going on...I have missed this and the smell of the salt air.  It was so good to be able to just "be" while there.

View of the beach area.  I would love to live in that house right there at the end of the beach, so peaceful!

Kekoa in the foreground playing with the clam shell that I found, Cade in the background with another shell and Christie sitting on the log supervising the whole thing. :)

One of the many treasures Cade found!

Cade's recreated tidal pool complete with shells and a sand dollar.

View of one of the tidal pools and an anemone when the tide was going out.

I love the color on this green vibrant in person!

My birthday hubby Jeff and I enjoying the ocean breeze. :)

Jaysn and Jeff enjoying the sunshine.

Kekoa mastering climbing up the chain ladder with some coaching from his daddy Eric (my baby brother) and mommy Christie looking on proudly.

A very happy and proud Kekoa!

My baby brother Eric's gorgeous family!  Christie, Cade, Eric and Kekoa.  Are those little boys not just adorable? :)  Love my family!

My oldest son Jaysn with his cousins Kekoa and Cade.  They all had so much fun together even with a 21 year age span between the oldest and the youngest cousins.

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