Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Healing Music

 Today I have struggled with fighting a bad migraine and dealing with the realization that there is nothing I can do to "fix" and make a sad situation better.  Hardened hearts hurt not just the person with them but those around them also.  My heart was heavy, tears were flowing and then I heard this song "Does Eyes" by Merle Streep.  It immediately started to sooth my troubled soul and hurting head.  I then loaded George Winston's Forest album up on Spotify and began to listen to it.  The tears began to flow again, swept up with the music.  Tears of frustration, sadness, "what could and should have been", heartache and the hurt of trying to protect those I love...tears that I have been holding in for far too long, trying to remain strong.  Soon those tears turned to ones of healing...of letting go and realizing that I just need to give it all over to God.  I let the music carry me away, rocking me gently in the ebb and flow, taking me to places of beauty and healing.  My soul began to be calm once again and clarity came to me.  I thank God for beautiful music has the power to heal and sooth the wearied and hurting soul.

I don't want my friends and family to worry...my relationship with my husband, kids and grandson  is very strong, good and supportive.  Everything is fine between us. :)  This post is not a reflection of my relationships with them.

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