Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Very Blustery Day!

 Roo: Look, mama, look! A kite!
Kanga: Oh, my goodness! It's Piglet!
Winnie the Pooh: [Being dragged behind Piglet] Happy Windsday, Kanga. Happy Windsday, Roo.
Roo: Can I fly Piglet next, Pooh?

It's a very blustery day outside and I felt like Winnie the Pooh when I ventured out to check and see how our trees were faring in this wind.  Luckily, this wind storm has hit when the trees are not budded out yet so it should not affect our apple or cherry trees.  The gust have been strong enough to rattle our house and I have seen things blowing by my window.  The neighbors across the street have a poor tree that is taking a beating and there are broken branches all over it.  

Before this storm hit, Jeff and I spent part of last evening moving all the lumber, gardening supplies, patio furniture and anything else that could go become a flying missal if picked up by the wind, into the garage.  Jeff also secured the hot tub cover by locking it down tight with a tow strap and some very heavy cement blocks.  I, not thinking, moved a heavy cast iron bird bath and ended up paying for it with a strain to my neck and hurting my back once again.  You would think I would learn NOT to do these things but sometimes I forget that I need to be careful with my neck and back.  Unfortunately I had to cancel out on subbing today...sore necks and sciatic nerve pain are not a good combination when working with kids and having to be up and down with them all day. :(   I'm really missing those kids  because I had been looking forward to spending the day with them...they keep me young! :)

Jeff and I have our volunteer work later today delivering food commodities to our friends that are shut ins.  Since I cannot lift anything, Jeff will do that and I will help pick out the items for our friends since I know their dietary restrictions.  These are all wonderful people who have given so much to others all their lives and are just in need of a little help at this point in theirs.  I treasure my friendships with them, even more so now that they are getting older and we have lost many of them to illness and old age.

Praying that the winds calm down before Jeff and I are off to do our deliveries and also for the safety of our wonderful volunteer driver and helper who went up to Spokane in these bad winds to get most of the food for our distribution.  God be with them as the winds blow them around on the roads and keep them safe.


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