Monday, February 28, 2022

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 2/25/21

   See Midgy above, please don't be like her just laying around and not doing anything to prepare for the inevitable harder times that are coming our way.  We all know that our world is going nuts at the moment with the horrible war being waged by Russia against the Ukranian people. My heart breaks for the innocent people who are being hurt, killed and terrorized by the madman Putin. We also still have the supply chain issues and the truckers protests here in the USA.  In case I have not said it before, I support the truckers.  Have you seen what the trucks looked like in Canada when the truckers there were finally able to get their trucks back from impound yards?  The windows had been rolled down so that the snow could get in and some of the truckers had money stolen from their trucks.  All I could think of is what is wrong with people to be so petty as to do something so childish and hurtful. So here we are with an unstable world, rapidly rising prices, and still, we have people in our lives who don't see the big picture and are not stocking up as a hedge against inflation and to make sure that they have food on hand to feed their family for at least three weeks without having to go to the stores, let alone long term food storage.  We all face financial setbacks in our lives due to illnesses, a huge unexpected bill, etc., even in the best of times.  Having lived through times when we faced having very little food on hand, I now make sure that I always have enough to get us through for a couple of months at least.  It is an insurance policy against bad times.  Now onto my week...


~Jeff built a case to go around a fluorescent light at work to help block the light from going into the office behind him.  His co-worker suffers from bad migraines and the fluorescent lights bring them on.  He did such a good job on it and I really hope it helps his co-worker.

~Sunday we had to go to Walmart to pick up 2 of my prescriptions.  While there we found some great clearance deals on clothing.  I got a shirt and 2 pajama gowns for $1 each and Jeff found a pair of fleece lined jeans at regular price, but given that they rarely have his size in those, we picked them up.

~We spent Sunday afternoon at Jaysn and Rachel's so that Jeff and Jaysn could finish up the baseboard trim in their house.  Steven and I worked on puzzles and spent lots of time cuddling. 💓  Jaysn came back home with us and picked up our truck to use since Rachel's car is having engine trouble.  Hopefully they can get it fixed for not too big a price instead of having to replace the car.

~Dinner that night was a cheese pizza from the freezer that I added chicken and some more cheese too.  Really good!

Monday:  (major fibro flare day...yuck)

~I had a lovely catch up chat with my cousin Jeremy over the phone.  We have all missed him so much since he moved back to Oregon.

~Jeff had leftovers for dinner and I had a veggie burger.

~We watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" that I had borrowed from the library.

~It got super cold Monday night into Tuesday morning so I threw an extra blanket on the bed.  Wind chills were forecasted to bring the wind chill down to -20F!😨


~Jeff and I headed down to the valley to Home Depot to get a new circuit breaker for one of our outlets.  No luck, they did not have what we needed. We went to two thrift stores, nothing we needed. So no money spent at those stores.

~Winco's prices have gone way up and so has the Grocery Outlet!  The only deal we found was buying some Italian Seasoning in the bulk section.  It only cost me .17 that way.  Bananas are up .20 more per pound that the regular price had been.

~Dollar Tree down in Clarkston had my pesto in stock so I bought all 7 that they had.  They were $1.25 each, but that is still a great deal!  No snack crackers to be found at that store the search continued!

~We stopped at Dutch Brothers for a coffee (a real treat for us) and saw our youngest niece working there.  It had been years since we had seen her due to unfortunate and totally uncalled for family drama that hurt us all.  It was so good to see her and make sure that she knows we love her and are so proud of her.

~On the way home, we stopped at a grocery store in Pullman and scored on the clearance area.  We found the huge containers of the cheese puffs (bought 2 of those and I will use the containers to store rice and pasta in later), family sized boxes of Corn Chex (got 3) and then found snack crackers in the Dollar spot area for $1.25 a box.  Jeff noticed that the box was smaller than before but it still beat the $5 price on the store's own house brand.


~I made 2 loaves of homemade sandwich bread.

~All the living room blankets were washed.  It has been really cold so we have been using them constantly.  Unfortunately, one of our felines decided that throwing up on one of them would be a good idea.  I decided to just go ahead and wash all of them and get some of the cat hair off them.

~My Berkey filters finally came in to the post office so I called and had them put them in a lock box so Jeff can pick them up on his way home from work.

~Dinner was chicken pineapple and teriyaki meatballs with a homemade sauce over rice.


~Jeff took leftovers for lunch.

~I met Heather, Bradley and Isaiah in town to do some stocking up.  We had coffee at Starbucks before doing the shopping.  It was so nice to have Isaiah be my helper both bagging up my groceries and loading them up in my car.  I am a very blessed Grammie!  

~I took cash out of the Credit Union from our savings.  I am worried about the possibility of cyberattacks messing with our

financial institutions.


~I spent the day at home getting a few projects done around here.

~I made a nice dinner in the crockpot of kielbasa sausage cut into coin sized pieces, potatoes, onions and cabbage cooked in chicken broth.  I served this over the leftover rice.  I also made cornbread to serve with it.  It was so good!

   I want to wrap this up urging everyone reading this to please please continue to pray for the people of Ukraine and the brave people in Russia who are standing up to Putin and protesting what he is doing.  I cannot even imagine what they are all going through.  Be blessed my sweet friends and keep on stocking up.


  1. We’re taking money out of savings as well. I just got back from a grocery run at my Winco - just needed a few things. I noticed dog biscuits had really gone up…I mean dog biscuits?!! I spent $59 for just a few items, eggs, bread,etc.

    I guess it’s going to get worse and is time to start making some major cuts. I’m concerned about cyber attacks, as well more than a nuclear attack. I guess my mind just won’t allow that worse case scenario to enter. God help us all.

    1. Hi Debby, it seems like all pet supply items have gone way up in price. I am due for a delivery of my special diet cat food from Petco and I shudder to think about what the price will be for that. I was shocked the other day also buy the cost of just 2 bags of groceries from Winco. How on earth do they expect people on limited incomes to get by?

      I too fear for what may happen and am praying that we never see nuclear war. Be blessed.

  2. I have been trying to keep cash on hand for a time now.
    Prayer for Ukraine and all the innocent people being affected.

    1. You are a wise woman Cheryl and yes, keep praying.

  3. Because of your post last week, I went to the bank and got 'a little' cash to squirrel away here.

    Our local chain grocery store had a great deal on canned tomatoes and canned beans. Also the store brand cola. I stocked up on all three but noticed there was very little stock on the shelves. The canned beans come in about 5 varieties normally but I could only find 3. I did remember to get a raincheck for my favorite ones that were out of stock.

    I know dried beans are usually cheaper per pound. But canned beans are so much easier. And it's just me now, I'm not trying to feed a family.

    I replanted my peas this morning. I planted about a week ago and then we had five nights in a row of freezing temps. ick. I'm determined to get even more production out of the garden this year.

    Finally, I stopped by the nonprofit grocery store -- I got a doxen eggs for $2.75, white potatoes for $0.55/lb and a loaf of bread for $0.10. I'll be including this store again. I had gotten lazy and out of the habit of going. Not now, I need to stretch every penny.

    Hugs and prayers to you and yours.
    SJ in Vanvouver BC Canada

    1. Oh my dear friend, I am sorry about your peas. I have not dared to try and plant anything yet because I know how wacky our weather here is. We usually have to pass Mother's Day before we can plant anything and be relatively safe from a hard freeze.

      Good for you for stocking up and getting that rain check. I took keep a good amount of canned beans, as well as dried, on hand. Jeff is not a huge fan of beans, but if I mix them into things in smaller amounts, he does okay with them.

      I'm glad you stopped at the nonprofit grocery store. I am still a bit shocked at how high their egg prices are though. YIKES! My grandson Isaiah told me the other day not to buy any eggs anymore because he would give some to me for free. ;) They have chickens and he is very proud of his little flock and what good egg layers they are!

      Be blessed!

  4. I try to stay stocked up at all timesl more in preparation for earthquakes than wars and that includes keeping a certain amount of emergency cash on hand and not allowing the car gas tank to go below half. From experience, I know that electricity can go off during a major earthquake and everything comes to a halt when that happens.

    1. You have lived through a lot in California! I remember seeing the horrible aftermath of the really big one that collapsed highways and caused lots of damage. My Grambunny was battling cancer at time and her appointment was cancled because the stairs collapsed at the building where she was getting treatments.

  5. Oh, my dear, I pray constantly for them and they are on my mind always. Groceries are outrageous and that scares me, but we are well stocked.

    1. I'm glad you are well stocked! Our Winco up here has doubled their prices for cases of canning jars (if they can even get them in). I'm glad I have been stocking up on canning lids when they have been available. I have plenty of jars, but needed more lids.


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