Monday, December 13, 2021

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 12/10/21



~We got the Christmas tree up and decorated with some of the ornaments that we had easy access to.

~Jeff got the outdoor lights up.

~I used Christmas gift bags that I got on clearance last year to wrap this year's gifts in.

~Two loaves of homemade sandwich bread were made.

~Bradley and Isaiah had their Christmas dance recital, and they did so well!  It is a joy to watch them dance and their Grandma Tammy is a great teacher!

~Jeff and I went to Winco to pick up a few items. We were floored by steep rise in costs on some items. I scratched some of the "want" items off my list and decided that there was no way I was paying such a high price for them.

~I had picked up a beautiful sweater (Chico's brand) at the thrift store in Montana.  It had some stains on it that I thought I could get out, so I had chanced it for $2.  I was able to get the stains out with presoaking them with Oxiclean and then washing it.

~I made a salmon loaf for dinner on Sunday along with cilantro lime rice and served canned pears with it.  This was a pantry and refrigerator meal and so quick and easy to make.


~It was snowing so it was a perfect day for me to just stay home and work on a few projects around the house.

~I went through all my medications to see what I was due to get refills on and got those called in to Walmart.

~Leftovers for lunch for me and sandwiches for Jeff.

~Dinner was some Zuppa Toscana that I had previously made and frozen.  So easy to just heat up!  I served some crescent rolls with this.


~I was really good today when we went to Walmart and only got my prescription and a supplement that Jeff needs.

~We had booked our medical appointments back to back and knocked out 3 of them.

~Jeff and I made a pot of decaf coffee and shared it in the evening.


~I had leftovers for lunch since I did not have the energy to make anything else.  The side effects of our Pfizer booster shot are taking a toll on me with fatigue, muscles aches and a headache.  So far though, there have not been any fever or chills like the second shot had.

~Jeff made us grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.


~I think I am doing better today than I was yesterday.  I still slept until 10 a.m. though after a very restless night. I settled in with a nice cup of coffee and chatted with a friend of mine via Facebook messenger.  She is a nurse in Illinois and told me her hospital is nuts right now. :(

~I made some Udon soup for dinner using green onions and Swiss chard from our garden that I had harvested before the freezing weather hit.  I also added some shrimp and komoboku from the freezer to it.  So good!

~I could not sleep well that night so I got up and made some milk toast using up the homemade bread ends that Jeff does not like for sandwiches.


~I did a bit of decor rearranging "just because".

~Once again, I put Christmas music on via YouTube.  I love the calmness it brings to my home on a very cold Winter's day.

~Jeff and I headed into Pullman after he got off work so I could pick up a prescription at Walmart.  While in town, we also went to Grocery Outlet to pick up a few things and found organic Romaine lettuce on sale.  We picked up a package of that and it will give us at least 6 big salads.


  1. Sounds like you are doing well and staying very frugal, Debbie. Well done on keeping to your lists when shopping!

  2. LOve, the frugal things you find Deb.


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