Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Our First Big Snow and Lots of Frugal Doings


   Yes, I am late posting about our Frugal Doings again.  We have been super busy around here trying to make sure that we were ready not only for Winter inside and outside, but also getting things done for Thanksgiving and seeing our family in Montana. 😊 This is also the time of year where I like to give everything a good scrub down so that we are ready for the holidays.

    We got our first big snow overnight and into today.  It was snowing lightly for most of the day, but is now turning over to rain.  I am really glad we did not have to travel over the passes today as they are just treacherous right now.  All should be good by the time we leave Thursday though.  Shannon is coming over in a bit to go over some things with me since she will be housesitting for us.  Our kitties just love her and I know they will be in good hands with her.

   Here are some of the things that we have been up to:

~I got the non perishable foods all packed and ready to go with us to my Mom's house.  I will bake muffins tomorrow to take with us also.

~Jeff changed the oil in our car and got that all ready to go.

~Chris and Heather had us over for lunch on Saturday and we had the most tender elk tenderloin along with homemade garlic bread (yes, Heather baked the bread) and mashed potatoes.  Sadly one of their kitties got run over and Bradley was the one to find him.  He was absolutely heartbroken and a friend, upon hearing about this, blessed him with the sweetest little orange and white Tabby kitten who they named Mr. Whiskers.  Mr. Whiskers spent a lot of time cuddling with me and one of the other cats, who hates everybody came to cuddle with me too.  There is a reason Isaiah calls me the "cat whisperer".  LOL!

~Jeff bought me, at my request, some battery operated lights from the Dollar Tree that can with be free standing or can be attached to things.  Our laundry room light switch is way over by the door to the outside and there is no switch on the other side coming in from the center hall.  I stuck one of those lights on the wall, near the door that comes in from the hall, and I now have light that I can just "push" on and off.  We have lived in this house for 29 or 30 year (I can't remember which at the moment) and I finally have light at that side of the laundry room!

~While Jeff was at bowling league last week I fixed myself some pot stickers and sautéed up some spinach with butter, garlic and lemon juice.  I also had some grapes with it.  YUM!

~We finished the last of the Christmas shopping for all the kids, grandkids, my parents and my brother.  It was really nice to get it all done!  I found some lovely Winter themed kitchen towels with cardinals on them.  Both my mother and I love cardinals since they remind us of Grandma, so I bought us both a set.

~I've been listening to Christmas music, along with other beautiful healing music on YouTube.

~One night Jeff and I popped some popcorn and watched a natural disaster movie.  Yes, he watches them with me. LOL!

~Jeff made us some brownies one night.  We realized that our hot tub had also reset itself when we had a power glitch, so it was hot and ready to go.  As soon as the brownies came out of the oven, we went out to enjoy that hot tub while the brownies cooled down a bit.  It was so nice to hot tub and then come in to brownies!

~We found Steven a birthday gift at Goodwill that we know he will love.  Yes, we shop way ahead of time when we see something the grandkids would like.

~I got both of the dehydrators washed and ready to put away.

~The floors were all mopped with my Swiffer floor cleaner that I got for free and the pads that I got on clearance.

~Most of our meals came from the pantry and/or freezer and fridge.  We are trying so hard not to let anything go to waste.

~I found another beautiful sweater and shawl at Goodwill.  Both were really high quality and will get a lot of use.

~Kitchen cabinets, the microwave, stove and Berkey were all washed down well.  Boy did they all need it!

Our silly youngest grandson Tate. :)  Can't wait to snuggle him!

     I hope everyone who reads this has a lovely Thanksgiving!  We are looking forward to being with family and celebrating with our youngest silly grandson Tate along with his mommy, daddy, my parents and my brother Fritz.  Be blessed!


  1. Safe travels to you and your family. Wishing you all a lovely and happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thank you! Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving also!

  2. Safe travels, Debbie; have a blessed Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you my friend and I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  3. What a sweet, happy boy! All your grandchildren are just adorable. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you Sue! Can't wait to see and snuggle the happy little bug. I just heard from my son and he said my parents were watching our Tate while they ran into town. This is the first time my parents have met their great grandson and they are just as happy as can be!


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