Saturday, January 9, 2021

Sharing a Few of Our Yummy Meals Lately and a Thought


   I thought that instead of doing my regular Frugal Friday post I would instead share a few of the meals I have made lately.  I love to be able to look back at what we had over time to inspire me when I get in a rut and it reminds me of some of the things that I have made in the past, but forgotten about.  Since I usually make things up on the fly, I do tend to forget what I made (and how I made it).  Anyone else have this problem?  Anyway...onto some of our favorites:


Sheet pan dinner with Beer Brats, Sweet and Russet Potato Hash and a side of oven broiled Asparagus

Turkey and Herb Dressing Casserole with a side of Green Beans

Orange Chicken with Veggies served over a bed of White Rice

Beef Ravioli with Herb Spaghetti Sauce served with a side of Corn Bread

Yaki Soba with Ham and Veggies

Homemade Huckleberry Pancakes with Maple Syrup

Pulled BBQed Chicken served on Buns, Bread and Butter Pickles and Herbed Potato Wedges made in the Air Fryer

Easy Stuffing and Venison Meatloaf served with Baked Potatoes (we did have a side salad too that did not make it into the picture)

Baked Cod with a Lemon Thyme Compound Butter Sauce, Cilantro Lime Rice and a Romaine Lettuce Salad


   Hopefully I will get back to my regular Frugal Friday post here again soon.  I'm not even going to sugar coat it, this has been a rough week physically and emotionally and it has taken a huge toll on me, as I'm sure it has on many others.  Between our Covid-19 numbers going up again and finding out that a man here in town just died from it, to the storming of the Capital in DC and learning that a friend and former co-worker of one of our Josh's closest friends was the officer that was killed during that horrific incident, it has been a trying time.  The culmination of all of this was seeing people I love tearing into each other on social media due to this political upheaval that we are continuing to go through in our country.  I know emotions are running high right now on all sides, but I finally had enough and begged my friends and family to please stop all of this and treat each other with love and kindness to start the healing process that this country so desperately needs.  You can still hold your strong opinions, just don't be hateful or mean towards one another.  I sure hope they examine their hearts and realize that they healing they all say they want, starts with their own personal actions and behavior.


  1. Your meals look delicious, especially that sheet pan dinner! Do you have a recipe for the orange chicken? It is something my daughter loves and I would like to make it for her.

  2. I also had ravioli. Two ravioli . As I was eating something else than my husband I asked if I could have one. Out of the can. On a sad note a friend of mine died this week from covid. It stunned me. I am so very sorry for the loss of your friend. So sorry. The Wednesday event was as eventful to me as 911. God bless.

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