Saturday, January 30, 2021

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 1/29/2021


               A peek inside of the bag and boxes that we were blessed with at the commodities giveaway.  So much stuff that will really help with the grocery budget and some to share with the rest of our family also.  I know some little buys who are going to enjoy the juice boxes that are packed in one of these awesome blessing boxes.

   I'm impressing myself.  I am actually getting this post typed up late Friday night and will most likely get it posted right after midnight.  YES!  😎  As anyone who reads my blog knows, this is NOT normal for me and I am usually a few days behind (or more).  The fact that I am even sitting up in the living room and have not crawled into bed in a miracle in itself.  This has been a horrible week Fibromyalgia flare wise and the majority of the time has found me in bed.  My sinuses were killing me earlier today but then it snowed and the swelling went down.  Maybe I needed the moisture in the air to feel better?  Who knows...all that matters is that I am doing better now right?  Anyway, onto the very limited frugal doings for the week:



~I made French Dip sandwiches and served them with fresh apple slices for dinner. I had bought the roast beef on sale from the Walmart deli awhile back and just popped it in the freezer until I needed it.

~I had some leftover au jus and will be using that in another meal later in the week.

~Jeff and I hot tubbed.

~Jeff watched an old Western movie on YouTube in the living room while I watched old episodes of The Ghost and Ms. Muir in the bedroom.


~I spent most of the day in bed with a bad flare.

~I did manage to make dinner...ravioli, garlic bread and a salad.


~I called again about my missing phone...have to call back on Wednesday to see if they will send me a different model since they are now out of the one I originally had.  UGH!

~I downloaded several free books to my Amazon cloud kindle reader.

~Dinner was leftovers and makeovers.  Jeff had leftover ravioli and I used a leftover Salisbury steak, some leftover au jus, a bit of plain yogurt and made stroganoff which I served over mashed potatoes.  There remained had enough leftover for another meal.

~I "fed" the compost pile with kitchen scraps.

Tuesday (The Fibro flare is still here):

~Leftovers for dinner.

~Watched some fun videos on YouTube.

~I spent a lot of time in our big pantry rearranging things and found that I had way more soy sauce than I thought I had.  I won't have to buy that for a long while.


~I managed to make dinner using some ground venison that Chris gave us along with a Velveeta Skillet meal kit that was about .32 cents at the Grocery Outlet.  It was pretty darned good!  I hope they have more the next time I go to the store at that price.

~I found a season of a TV show online and watched that via YouTube.

~Lunch was a bowl of cottage cheese with about half a can of mixed fruit in it.


~I made two loaves of bread.

~As soon as the bread came out of the oven I popped in two pizzas, one for dinner and one for leftovers to eat for another meal.

~Jeff ran down and got commodities.  As usual they loaded him up!  Shampoo was a nice non food bonus this time.  We got frozen meats,  fresh and frozen potatoes, frozen strawberries, about 6 pounds of butter, yogurt, canned goods breads, pastries, grapes, tons of canned goods, juices, waffle and pancake mix, dried fruits and nuts, tuna and so much more.  I feel so blessed!

~I made a nice cup of tea in the evening.

~My prescriptions were delivered.


~Some homemade chicken noodle soup was pulled out of the freezer and heated up for dinner.  There were leftovers for another meal.

~I went through some of my cleaning supplies and found some magic erasers that I wanted to use to clean the kitchen cabinets and backsplash.

~I watched more inspirational videos about cooking from the pantry.  I think it is good to get new ideas and vary our menu a bit more.

~Josh has been sending me videos and pictures each day of Tate.  Jeff and I are so enjoying watching him grow from afar. Only a few more weeks and we get to actually see and hold him!

~I chatted with my cousin and he will be going down for a job interview in Oregon soon.  If he gets the job then he will be moving and we will be getting his living room furniture since he does not want to take it with him.  I will try to sell our furniture that we have now and send the money to him.  He does not know that is the plan, but it is!  Shhhhhh......😉

~While doing some purging, I found some Air Jordon shoes that I will be selling on a local sales site.

   Our Covid-19 numbers are going up again and I am worried about the new variants that have made their way up to the United States.  We do have the UK variant over on the west side of the state which means it will be here within a few weeks time, if not less.  I need to really be careful to limit possible exposure since we have Josh, Lauren and Tate coming up to stay with us in a few weeks.  I would hate to get this and them not be able to come. I know we will have to make another trip to the grocery store soon to pick up a few things, but I may just do the curbside pickup and spend a bit more money unless Jeff and I decide to make a very early morning run into town and go to Winco.  We will see.  I know that this weekend we plan on getting the guest bedroom ready for the kids and that means a total clean out, taking the bunk beds down and setting the new bed up.  I may see if Jaysn can come out and help with that.  It would be nice to have him, Rachel and Steven come out for a visit anyway.  It has been way too long since we have seen all three of them and I know they are trying to be very careful too but really do want to come out.  😊



  1. Wondering how someone can get food commodities? I never heard of it here in my area.

  2. What a blessing it is to be able to receive those commodities! Your meals this week sound delicious and I am glad to see that you are managing well with the flare ups, as well. Stay home as much as you can and opt for curbside pick up of groceries if you can. It costs more, I know, but, you have your health to consider.

  3. I went on Google and I don't know if every state income requirements are the same but we don't qualify.

  4. I would love to get commodities, but don't know if we qualify. I sure am happy you get them. Love those little boys that open your blog. I too am worried about the variants.

  5. If I read it right, the income is $1832.00 per month for the for the elderly with 2 adults. They also had for children and I think younger people too.

  6. Trying this again...blogspot sure is making it difficult to reply so I will try to do it here. I think that things must vary state to state on commodities. Our area serves anyone who needs it regardless of income. There is another program for seniors that is done by income and you have to qualify for that. I used to deliver those commodities to the seniors in our community that needed them along with things from the program that Jeff and I continue to make use of. They usually send so much food to the distribution point and it needs to get out into our community so it will not go to waste. I think with Covid-19 it is more needed than ever.

    Those little boys, Bradley, Steven and Isaiah have all gotten so big since that picture. I am waiting for Josh, Lauren and Tate to get here so that I can get a new picture of all 4 of the grandboys and use that as my header picture. :)

    Jeff and I did make a run to the grocery store on Sunday late evening. We were the only customers at Grocery Outlet and there were very few at Walmart although one of the customer service people who was trying to help us there with a phone kept getting too close. UGH! Luckily he and I were both wearing masks so that should help.

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