Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Confirmed Covid-19 Case in our Family

    Sadly I knew the day would come when someone in our family would get this dreaded virus.  Yesterday it was confirmed that one of our family members indeed has it and another, who has many of the same symptoms is presumed to have it too.  Since they are in the same household, they declined getting the second person tested since they already know what the result would be.  They are now in isolation at home for 10 day or until all their symptoms are gone since they had already been symptomatic for a few days before one of them was required to get tested by their employer.  😟  At this time, their symptoms are mild thank God and they have lots of support from everyone around them to pick up what they may need and drop it off at their home for them.  I was prepared for the test results because they had been telling me what their symptoms have been and they fit the virus symptoms.  The not being able to taste or smell thing kind of confirmed it for me before they got tested.

   We have not been around them for over two weeks, so we were not exposed to the virus by them, but other family members have been.  They did not know at the time that they were already infected with it and were asymptomatic at that time.  Given that the numbers of cases continue to rise at a hair raising rate around here, I really am not surprised that people in our family now have it...I just wish they did not and I am praying that their symptoms remain mild and that others who have been exposed will not get it too.

   Cases in our little town here continue to rise also.  The latest numbers for the last two week period show 12 new cases in that time frame.  Remember, this is a small town of about 600.  We've already had over 30 cases in the 4 week period prior to that and a few even before that.  Our county also hit new daily highs in numbers, as did the county in Idaho right across from us.  This is not reassuring in any way.  I am really afraid of what it will be like 2 weeks from now when cases start popping off from people who are continuing to gather in large groups for Thanksgiving despite the restrictions in both Washington and Idaho.  I know of many people who have been violating the Washington mandates of no gather with anyone outside your immediate household already with multiple households getting together for early Thanksgiving celebrations.  They proudly post it all on social media for everyone to see.  All this is going to do is make it more likely that we will go into full blown lockdowns and that is going to hurt the businesses that are already struggling to make it that were not already put out of business from the first shut down. 😞 Even worse, we will see more deaths that may have been avoided if people had followed the mandates and recommendations. 😢

   Jeff and I are continuing to do everything we can to avoid this thing ourselves. I hate having to away from our family, but I am glad we took a firm stand and followed the rules laid out by our state now or we could also have it.  I know there is still a chance we could get it at some point because it is out their circulating within our community so we are taking all the needed precautions.  The stress and worry of it all is causing my fibromyalgia and other health issues to flare up big time though and that in itself is making things even harder here.  Just praying and trusting in God to protect those I love because that is all I can do for them right now.



  1. I completely understand your concerns, about family, community, the lack of common sense and entitlement that so many feel ("its no big deal, I'm healthy" so no problem having big party, hanging out, not wear mask). My niece and her husband (and they are in their mid-20s) both came down with Covid 19 last month; my nephew had milder case, my niece really had it rough. They live in Savannah so no chance of exposure for me, but I do worry about it often, seeing people at grocery stores, all over the place not wearing masks or practicing social distancing (though signs are posted on store entrances to wear masks & its the order of the county here). I worry about it constantly due to the bozos out there. And I work for company that owns a mall and see the devastation covid 19 has done to an already struggling retail industry. Take care and stay safe.

  2. My son had it and is back to work and now his wife who is a nurse has it. All mild symptoms but they did lose their sense of taste and smell. Aches and pains and extreme fatigue.

    I don't want it. So I am staying clear and doing what I should.

  3. Hope you continue to be safe and well, Debbie.

  4. Praying for God to protect you and your family. I am in Manitoba Canada. Our numbers are going up daily on part due to one area where the residents do not believe in it. They are antivacsers. They believe it is better to catch everything that is going around. We are in lockdown unless you are in an essential service business. One church got together on Sunday. Maximum is five if you are outside. They had over 100 inside. Up here we have fines for not obeying protocol as set out by our government. It is okay to have services online. The pastor was fined $2600 for not obeying. Meanwhile that community has a 40% positive test rate. I just cannot fathom how people think. Blessings Jean

  5. We continue to see cases rise here and all we can do is be careful. Take care my friend.

  6. I'm in St Louis, Missouri and the largest hospital in the state of Missouri, which is here in St. Louis is is overflowing with covid 19 cases and having to now find beds for adults in the Cildren's Hospital which is next door. My daughter is an RN at the main hospital and I am so worried how bad the Covid levels are going to be after all of the Thanksgiving gatherings. What is with people that they cannot understand the seriousness of this virus? It is not like the annual flu that goes around each year.
    Covid 19 is a much more dangerous illness. The only way they finally understand is after they themselves or their loved ones get it. Well, it's too darn late by that time, chances are they have passed the virus on to several other people.

    Take care and be safe. I wish your family well, too. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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    1. Sorry my computer seems to be acting strangely. Our oldest son also tested positive this week.

      He lives 9 hours away from us so I have been texting him every so often to see how things are going.

      God bless.

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