Saturday, March 7, 2020

Lemon/Honey/Ginger Syrup

The syrup right after I made it and before the honey and lemon juice started mixing together.

   Barb in PA asked me to share my Lemon/Honey/Ginger syrup.  I do everything by eye so here is my "method" for making it.  I take a finger sized chunk of ginger and peel it with a spoon.  I find this the easiest way to peel ginger.  I cut in up in thin slices and then mince it up fine and throw it in a quart sized mason jar.  I then wash and slice lemons thinly.  and then cut those slices in half.  I put those in the jar layering them.  This usually uses about 5-6 lemons, depending on their size.  After this is done, I pour honey into the jar and use a chopstick or butter knife along the side of the jar to help it get down and all around the lemon slices.  I fill the honey almost to the top of the jar, leaving some headspace.  I don't have exact measurements on this.  I put a canning jar lid and ring on the jar and then tip it upside  down and shake it a bit before putting in in the refrigerator.  Within a day, you will start to see some syrup forming.  Shake your jar before using this.

   I like to use about 6 tablespoons in a mug of hot water as a nice drink to sooth my throat and also to boost my vitamin C levels.  It tastes delicious and is a great drink before bedtime or first thing in the morning.


  1. Thank you for sharing this recipe, Debbie. About how much honey do you put in?

  2. I just fill the jar almost all the way to the top, leaving a little headspace. It all depends on how many lemons you have in there I guess. :)

  3. Thanks Debbie! I just bought some lemons and fresh honey. Take care of yourselves and keep us posted on how you are coping and staying prepared. I appreciate the info from other people.
    Barb in PA

    1. YOu are very welcome! I'm heading in today to pick up a 3 month supply of one of my medications. I'm paying cash for it so I can get it now and not waiting another week to have it go through insurance. It will cost $8 more this way but it is worth it to me. Hopefully with the students at Washington State University gone for Spring Break it will not be too busy at Walmart.


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