Friday, March 6, 2020

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 3/6/20

   It has been an interesting week here.  I think one of my kids is finally seeing how dangerous this virus crisis is as their city has been hit with it's first case and they see that their uncle has to work from home.  I am beginning to think that I need to get more cat food, dog food and kitty litter so that I will have a 2 month supply.  I did put in a request for an early refill on one of my medications since Washington state is now allowing one early refill on medications for all it's residents.  I usually get a call back the same or next day after placing my order, but did not hear from the pharmacy today and I am assuming that is because they are swamped with orders right now.  On a side note, I am glad I stocked up on garden seeds when they first came out so that I can at least get my early crops in soon and start some seedlings inside.

   Ok, onto the savings...

~We borrowed Chris' old pickup truck so that we could pick up another ton of pellets to finish this heating season and start the next one.
~We also took advantage of having the truck to take a load of smaller branches from our cherry and apple tree out to the yard waste disposal site in town.
~Jeff loaded up all the larger branches and some other wood back into the trailer to take over to Chris and Heather's tomorrow for them to use for crafting and for burning.
~Two more loaves of homemade bread were made along with a batch of homemade croutons.
~I made a huge Dutch oven full of venison and cremini mushroom stroganoff.  The first night I served it over mashed potatoes and the second night, I mixed cooked noodles in the remaining stroganoff, along with some plain Greek yogurt and some green onions.  We still have leftovers for another meals plus more mashed potatoes.
~Jeff picked up some more phone cards for our tracfones.  We will add them to our accounts when needed.
~I received several free magazines in the mail.
~We picked up some more OTC meds and liquid soap refills along with a second thermometer.
~One night for dinner I pulled some homemade frozen chicken noodle soup out of the freezer since Jeff and I are dealing with colds and allergies.  I also served it with some fresh homemade bread.
~I bought some of our favorite fruits and veggies that are in season to enjoy while they are on sale and also stocked up on cereal and tuna while they were at rock bottom prices.
~Chris and Heather picked up two HUGE bags of tortilla chips from Costco for us.
~Jeff made us pancakes with my homemade mix for dinner earlier in the week when I was just too tired to cook anything.
~The bottoms of the Romain lettuce head and the celery bunch have been put in water and they are starting to not only produce more leaves and stocks, but are also growing roots.  I will be transplanting these into pots.
~I saved the container that the mushrooms came in to use as a plant starting pot also.
~YouTube has some amazing music on it so I have been streaming more of that on my TV via my Roku.
~I'm trying to have a cup of hot water with my lemon/honey/ginger syrup every day since it helps sooth my throat that gets raw from all the allergy drainage.  I get the same allergies every year at this time.

   I hope everyone has a great weekend.  We celebrate Bradley's 8th birthday on Saturday with a family party and then Jeff and I have our 35th wedding anniversary on Monday.  I will be making us a special dinner Sunday since Jeff has a dentist appointment for a broken tooth early Monday morning and he works Monday night.  Hopefully I will be able to get some rest in between things.  Be blessed!


  1. Happy birthday to Bradley and Happy Anniversary to you and Jeff! Lots of frugal activities, this week, I see. :) Hope you and yours stay safe and healthy during this time of viruses and other stuff. Take care.

  2. Happy Anniversary! And how can Bradley be8 already? I love that age.
    I think you are wise to get in more supplies for your fur babies as well as more pellets. Every little bit helps. And if you don't need it, well, you're ahead for later.

    I did my normal Friday shop except I did add in another pack of TP and the generic anti=nausea meds. The store had been out of the latter for about a week. Had to take a full on nap yesterday afternoon though. Will take it easy the rest of the weekend.
    Take good care. SJ in Vancouver BC

  3. I am not too worried about it. I am more worried about people freaking out and emptying the grocery store shelves. But I don't live in Washington! Stay safe.

  4. Debbie would you be kind enough when you have some time and energy to post the amounts of ingredients for your honey lemon syrup. My husband has a terrible cold and this may be helpful. OTC cough meds make his heart race!. Take care of yourselves. Happy Anniversary.
    Barb in PA


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