Monday, January 13, 2020

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 1/4-1/10 2020

   We are having back to back snow storms and it is making driving difficult and unsafe out there.  Jeff was even called off work on Friday night until the storm passed.  He decided to go in at 2:30 a.m. when there was a break between the storms and I am so glad he did.  Chris had a 15 hour long shift due to all the accidents and slide offs that night.  UGH!  The worst part is that there in even more on the way starting later this afternoon.  Here is my late Frugal Friday post...enjoy:

Saturday (A day of running errands):

~Jeff and I had to go to Walmart to pick up a prescription.  While there we found ham in the deli marked way down and the lady doing the mark downs in the bakery was kind enough to do the second mark down of the day on a package of rolls for us.  We got another huge bag of rolls for $1.26!  We also picked up some bananas for the upcoming week. I almost forgot,, I found wax melts for .50 a package so I picked out 3 that I liked.
~Another stop was the Dollar Tree where we picked up a jar of Jeff's favorite strawberry jam and 2 more boxes of freezer slider type quart sized bags.
~The last stop was a local IGA store where I found 1 pound packages of ham and turkey lunch meat marked down to $1.25 a package.  I bought 2 of those.  I also found pie crusts in the refrigerated section and bought 2 of those for $1 each.  One of my best finds though was garden seeds at 4/$1.  I stocked up on the ones that I would need for Spring.  While there we also picked up some Chinese food from the deli.  I had enough for 2 meals.
~We watched the movie "Toy Story 4" that we had borrowed from the library.

~Jeff divided all the rolls into freezer bags and froze most of them for future use.
~He also froze 2 of the lunch meat packages along with the pie crusts.
~Jeff worked on pruning  the apple tree before the snow finally came and he had to stop.
~I put some Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar music on YouTube, got in the kitchen and made some ham, potato and corn chowder.  I topped my bowl with some homemade croutons.  Yum! We had that for dinner and we still have leftovers for more meals.
~We wanted a treat, so I cut up some apples and we had those with hot caramel to dip the slices in.
~I have been wanting a nice looking cane and found one on Amazon.  I also bought a supplement for Jeff.  We got free shipping and it should be here on Wednesday since I also got a free trial of amazon prime.  I will be cancelling amazon prime after my things arrive. ;)
~With me getting a new cane, this frees up my old one for Jeff to use.  He is having some trouble with his knee and it is not looking all that great.

~I did not get up until after 3 p.m.(I did not sleep at all during the night) so I had a cup of green tea instead of my usual coffee.  I saved the tea bag to use again.  Jeff had the coffee that was left in the carafe when he got up later in the evening before he went to work.
~Leftover soup was what I had for a late lunch.
~I pulled some ground venison out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator to thaw.

~We went to Winco to stock up before the snowstorm hits and I used a $1 off coupon on a 2 pound block of cheese.  I picked up more celery, carrots, coleslaw mix, milk, yogurt, potatoes, onions, creamer and some pasta along with a marked down foot long sandwich from the deli.  Most of the items I got can be used in multiple recipes or enjoyed on their own.
~Jeff had half of the sandwich for dinner and took the other half with him for his "lunch" tonight at work.
~I was feeling pretty down after our shopping trip due to some really rude people there so I pulled an apple pie out of the freezer and baked that for Jeff and I to enjoy.
~I watched some videos on YouTube while I worked my points programs.

~We borrowed the movie "Abominable" from the library.
~I was on a cooking roll and made 2 loaves of bread, baked an acorn squash along with the bread, made a double batch homemade sloppy joes and cut up a bunch of carrots into carrot sticks. I want to be prepared in case we loose power since we have a big winter coming in Friday.
~Caesar got all the carrot peelings and ends.  It is one of his favorite treats.
~Jeff finished topping off and trimming our cherry tree back.  We are hoping this will save it.
~I watched some TV shows online,
~While cutting up onions and peppers for the sloppy joes, I cut up extras for fajitas for another meal. I also found a recipe for chicken fajitas made in the InstantPot that I want to try.
~It started to snow in the evening and I could not sleep so I quickly whipped up some huckleberry syrup (from huckleberries I had in the freezer) and had some on waffles.

~Josh called and we had a nice visit on the phone.
~Chris called and told us that he had been elected as the new fire chief of the fire department where he is a volunteer firefighter and EMT...we are so proud of him.
~Jeff and I hot tubbed in the early evening.  Both of us were really sore and it really did help.
~I cancelled my free Amazon Prime trial but I still have it until early February to enjoy apparently.
~I spent a good part of my day in bed (fibro flare) so Jeff made me a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner.
~We have been craving junk food so I mixed up some dry ranch dressing mix into some Greek yogurt for us to have as a dip with carrot and celery sticks.
~Hawaiian music is one of my favorites so it was back to YouTube to listen to more Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar music.

~Split pea soup, made with a pork roast bone from the freezer, cooked away in the crockpot for a good portion of the day.  It was delicious and I made quite a bit of it so we have lots of leftovers.
~I worked on my points programs.

*I tried to upload more pictures but Blogger was acting up...sorry about that.


  1. It is really snowing here. We have about 4 inches. Hubs is out shoveling the driveway right now.

  2. No snow here yet but they say it's coming on Thursday. We'll see. Nevada weather changes so fast. I love making split pea soup but always end up with lots of extra to freeze. It's such a good filling meal. Take care.

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