Friday, November 8, 2019

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 11/1-11/7 2019

Portuguese Sausage and Potato Hash


~Jeff and I did the grocery shopping and stocked up on baking supplies that were on sale that we needed.  We also stocked up on basics and used coupons and sales to further save money.  Our shopping was done at Winco, Rosauers and Dollar Tree.  We spent about $100 total including HBA items.  That should get us through for at least 3 weeks with only picking up fresh fruit, milk and a few items that I forgot even though they were on the list. Fibro fog was bad that day!
~At the Dollar Tree we also picked up toothbrushes (2 pack), antiperspirant, and some half off Halloween candy (candy corn).  I want to try a recipe for making Butterfinger candy with the candy corn.  I had everything else needed for the recipe at home.
~I watched a movie on YouTube.

~Jeff and I stayed home for the day so that we could get caught up on things around the house.
~Jeff worked in the yard finishing getting it ready for winter and sued some of the leaves that he raked up to put around our pear trees that have metal fencing around them.  This works as a great mulch to help protect the roots and also breaks down into compost as the Spring arrives.
~I baked two loaves of homemade bread, cooked a marked down pork roast in the crockpot and also piggy back backed some squash after the bread came out of the oven.
~In trying to get ready for the colder months where I do not venture out much, I took inventory of our HBA supplies so that I know where the gaps are that need to be filled in and started a list for them.
~Laundry was caught up and I finished unpacking some of the things that we had taken over for the kids to use in their wedding.
~Beautiful music soothes my soul and I have found myself listening to some of it via YouTube on a daily basis again.
~We used out hot tube to soak our sore muscles.
~Jeff and I were watching movies on YouTube and they had the Gilligan's Island "The Castaways" on.  I immediately recognized the flyover of the resort that the Howell's supposedly built and laughed at some of the things they modeled the resort after.  I can tell that the writers spent a lot of time down at Kona Village Resort and loosely modeled  the resort in the movie on that and used shots, hidden phones in the lobby, etc.  from KVR as part of the movie.  I had never seen the movie before but it brought back great memories for me because Kona Village Resort was my second home growing up since my father was the assistant manager and later manager there for 38 years.  All the buildings have now been torn down after damage from the tsunami and neglect, but it is being rebuilt by some of the same guests, who are now the new owners of it, who enjoyed it for so many years.
~We enjoyed munching on popcorn popped the old fashioned way while watching the movies.

Cookbooks I picked up at Goodwill

~Jeff worked some more on the garden beds getting them ready for Winter.
~Jeff and I went to Goodwill and found a shirt and leggings for me, pants for Steven, a cd for Jeff, brand new curtains for our guest room, a purse that I have wanted for years after having sold them when I was a teenager, and 2 cookbooks.
~We picked up more discounted candy at Winco since we had to go back there to get Canadian Bacon since I forgot it last time.  I had promised Isaiah and Bradley that we would make homemade pizzas this coming weekend and that was requested as one of the toppings.
~We hot tubbed again and it felt so good!
~I used up the last half of the bottle of red wine from my girl's night last week and made mulled red wine with it.  I cut a tangerine and put it in while it simmered.  So good!
~Jeff and I watched a Christmas movie on YouTube.  I am excited about Christmas this year.
~Chris called to tell us Heather got her doe.  They are giving us all the meat from it since Chris already got a buck and is going to try to get another doe.  Venison is my favorite red meat.  We are going to help them butcher and wrap but we are sending some of it to be made into ground venison and will pay for that and for it to be wrapped by the butcher.  Luckily we have a good family connection with the butcher so we get the family discount.
~Jeff and I both had coupons for a free item (up to $13.50) with any purchase at Bath and Body Works.  Their Fall fragrances were on sale so we got two of the small apple fragrances that I love and then got two of their full sized aromatherapy lotions for free.

~I borrowed a book and a movie from the library.
~Yaki Soba was on the menu for dinner.  I used some of the leftover pork roast in it.
~We got all the bedding washed on our bed.
~I had the last cup of the leftover hot mulled wine in the afternoon to help take the edge off my pain.
~Caesar and I went for a short walk.  Normally this would be a great thing to do on a beautiful Fall day but half way through my back went out and then my neck followed.  OUCH!
~I put in requests for some new movies that are currently in cataloging through the library.
~Bradley's Lego magazine came in so we will be taking that out to him on Tuesday when we go out to butcher the deer.
~My onions had all gone bad so I rehydrated some of my dehydrated ones to use in a potato and sausage fry for breakfast.
~I signed up for some free dog food samples.

Pork Roast, Wild Rice Mix and Acorn Squash

~We went over to Chris and Heather's to butcher the dear Heather got.  Heather set me up in a chair to watch since I was in a bad flare. We brought home venison steaks and stew meat.
~Jeff and I picked up a reduced priced pizza, some chips and some cupcakes that were all on clearance when we dropped off some of the venison to be made into burger meat.  It made dinner so much easier and faster.
~Jeff picked up some freezer paper on his way to work so I can double wrap all the meat.  We already put them in ziplock bags that I got from the Dollar Tree but I like that extra layer of protection from frost and it keeps them from getting freezer burn.

~I found a sleep eye mask in my HBA stash and used it to help block out the light in the morning so I could sleep longer.  I am hyper sensitive to light so this helped.
~I worked my points programs.
~More shows were watched online.
~I cooked up some wild rice mix and had that with leftover pork roast, leftover acorn squash and some pears for dinner.

Cookbook and movie borrowed from the library.

~I again put some beautiful music on via YouTube.  I love calm piano really is soothing and reminds of the days in the past where I would sit at the piano and play for hours just making things up and letting the stress leave my body and soul.
~Jeff picked up an item that the consignment store decided not to sell and also picked up a check for things that had sold.  He did this on his way to his bowling league since he was going right by there anyway.
~I watched some videos on homemade Christmas gifts and make ahead meals.  It gave me great ideas!  There is a recipe on how to make vanilla extract in you Instantpot is life changing. How to make Vanilla Extract in your Instantpot.  The recipe comes near the end of the video.
~It's that time of year where I keep a cozy sweater on the back of my recliner that I can slip on when I feel a chill coming on.  I also have throws on all the chairs and couch so everyone can have one of those too.
~Jeff had bowling league so dinner for me was Easy Mac and some Spring Rolls from the Dollar Tree.  It may not have been the healthiest meal ever, but it was quick, easy and comfort food.
~I've been reading two cookbooks I picked up at Goodwill.  Both are amazing!

   I hope anyone reading this has a wonderful weekend!  Be blessed!


  1. That sounds like a very full week to me! You were very productive and got so much done! Even with everything you are dealing with. I enjoyed reading all the things you did, each day. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead and take care.

    1. Thank you Bless and I hope you are safe from all those fires. It is getting so scary down your way again.

  2. Sounds very busy. Nice on having all that free meat for your freezer.
    It surprises me that you can drink wine or any alcohol. I know a few people with fibro and they all say that any alcohol makes the fibro flare terribly for them. Glad that isn't a trigger for you.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Hi Cheryl, amazingly alcohol does not cause flares for me but is the only thing that can help dull the pain a bit. I try to be very careful though and not drink on a regular basis.

  3. I'm sorry your back and neck went out when you walked Caesar. But I'm so happy he's still around and walking with you!! I haven't wanted to ask about his health.Time with our fur babies is so precious.
    Ok, so what is HBA? I'm stumped and/or my own brain fog is in full mode.
    I twisted my ankle some how on Wednesday and have been in slow motion and icing it 3X a day since. It's better this morning. But oh my gosh, when something 'goes', it's hard for me not to go down the path of 'now what'.
    I'm also back on my cpap after two weeks without it. I had a little maintenance work done on my face by the dermatologist and needed those ouchie spots to heal before I wanted to wear the mask. All is healed up, mostly, and I had a great sleep last night.
    Cheering you on and sending both hugs and prayers.
    SJ in Vancouver

    1. Thanks SJ. HBA is Health, Beauty, and All other things not covered under groceries that are bought on a regular basis.

      I am so sorry you twisted your ankle. I'm glad you are able to wear your CPAP machine again. I know it makes a huge difference for Jeff.

      Love you and praying for you also!

  4. You are keeping so busy, it is nice to hear about your weeks, in spite of your health. Keep it up, as I know moving is so important to fighting the condition.

    1. Thanks my friend! I did collapse and go back to bed for 3 hours (and slept soundly), after the little boys left. ;)


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