Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Leaks in the (Frugality) Boat


   Jeff and I have bee trying so hard to be as frugal as we can lately.  However, the SS Frugal has sprung a leak and it was a pretty decent sized one too.  UGH!  

   We have a trip to go over to Montana for our son Josh's wedding to his beloved Lauren in a few weeks.  Since the weather had been strange and we have already had snow, we decided to pick up some chains for our tires because they are required on some of the passes when the weather gets bad.  Well we found some for $160 at Les Swab that will fit our tires...ouch.  If we don't have to use them this season, we can take them back on April 1st and get a full refund.  Nice if we can do that...but still.

   Our old microwave oven decided that it was not going to seal properly anymore, so out it went.  I will not take chances on our health.  Since we use our microwave daily, we went to Walmart and picked up a midrange one for $70.  It has a higher wattage than our old one, so we will have to get used to it.  While there, we also picked up another phone card refill for Jeff's tracfone and I added that to his account along with a bonus 60 minute code tonight.  I also found some marked down bread products and picked those up as well and a reduce priced chicken from the deli.

   We are still on the hunt for some nice dress slacks for Jeff and stopped at one of the thrift pants to be found but we did find a beautiful print from Hawaii that was signed by the artist, a warm fleece jacket for me and one other item that I can't remember now (Fibro fog has struck).

   In order to patch some of those leaks in the SS Frugal, we continue to try to do things here to save money to offset some of the bigger costs that we have incurred.

~I mended 4 articles of clothing.
~More sandwich bread has been baked along with biscuits.
~We harvested and froze more berries and green onions before the big killing frost hit.
~Jeff finished fixing the garage roof so it should not leak anymore.
~We pulled some butter, elk steaks and creamer out of our 2 big freezers that live in the garage.
~I have no idea why, but natural disaster movies are one of the few things that I can watch that will take my mind off the constant pain I am in.  I found a bunch of them on YouTube and even got Jeff involved in watching them.
~I found a channel on YouTube called relaxdaily that has some of the most beautiful and calming music...I have it on right now.
~I have been gifted lots of plums and pears...yum.
~There is yet another bucket of apples picked from our tree before the frost hit that I need to make into applesauce or dehydrate.
~My Scentsy wax burners were pulled out and we have the most amazing fragrances going in them.  All of the fragrances and burners were either gifted to me or I found at thrift stores.  I have a drawer filled with them.
~We did find a brand new spy voice decoder toy at Goodwill over the weekend and bought it and put it away for a Christmas gift for our spy loving oldest grandson Bradley.  Jeff also found some Yak Trak things that you strap onto your shoes to keep you from slipping on the ice (these are for him, I already have a pair) and some bean bags for a corn whole game that Jeff, Bradley and Isaiah are building together for a Christmas gift for their friends. :)
~A large pot of split pea soup was made with things we had in our pantry and refrigerator.  It was so good!
~Starkist sent me a coupon as part of a settlement that was for up to $5.03 worth of Starkists products.  I was able to get 6 cans of tuna for just a few cents after using the coupon.  These are great stock up items for the pantry.
~Even though we are having to use the pellet stove to heat our home, we are still keeping it turned down as low as we can but are still comfortable if we are dressed warmly and cuddle under blankets when we are watching tv or sleeping.  It got down to 26F here this morning...brrrrrrr.....  We also pulled out the warm houseslippers and fuzzy socks.

   With that all that listed above, I will not be doing a Frugal Friday Wrap Up this week.  We have another storm coming in and it is greatly affecting my health.  I can feel it taking me down so I wanted to get this done before it completely did.  If you need me in the next few days, I will most likely be in bed or in my recliner dozing on and off.  Such is life these days.  Be blessed!





  1. It is just mind boggling to me that places are so cold and getting so much snow already. You mentioned tire chains - I remember my Dad using those when I was a kid. They have been banned on our roads for decades now. That is something that other places still use them.
    I sure hope you feel better. I can't imagine the how badly you feel. HUGS.

  2. Yes things happen to leak our money away but if we are frugal then these extra expenses are not such a disaster. We keep hearing that it will be a bad winter but I don't mind so much now but when I worked I hated driving in the ice and snow. No chains here for the tyres.

  3. I am now wondering if this is why my wrists are so. bad! Take care.

  4. I can understand perfectly having a leaking frugal boat. We sprung a fairly big leak last month, so I am hoping that this month is much better. Mind you our sons come home for Thanksgiving (and it is both of their birthday month) this month so things will be spent that wouldn't be spent normally.

    You did a great job of plugging where you could.

    God bless.


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