Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 9/6-12 2019

   Yes, I am very late once again in posting this.  We had a very busy Friday getting lots of things done around the house.  Saturday we took our youngest grandson to the fair while his parents got some much needed down time to get a few things done at their place.  It's hard to clean and organize when you have a pint sized tornado, who refuses to nap, following right along beside you. 😉  Jeff and I remember those days well with our 3 boys.  Steven made this Grammie's day when he clearly said my name though...talk about welling up with happy tears!  Sunday and Monday were both huge crash days for me.  Here it is Tuesday and having finally fallen asleep at 5 this morning and sleeping until around noon, I finally can focus well enough to get this post finished.  Such is the rollercoaster of life that I live.  Hopefully once Jeff gets up, I will be able to get some bread made for the week and also do some more cooking.  We have a rainy weather front coming in and I can feel it in every fiber of my body but life must go on right?   So here we are with last weeks frugal doings:

~I harvested tomatoes and beans from the garden.
~We took Caesar for a nice walk.
~I watched some videos on YouTube to give me more meal ideas.
~We had leftovers and produce from the garden for dinner.

~We stayed home because Jeff was not feeling well.
~Dinner was a sheet pan meal of chicken cordon b
ue and roasted potatoes.
~We watched some shows on YouTube.
~We hot tubbed to ease those aching muscles once again.
~I made two loaves of bread.
~Jeff and I got the house all decorated for Fall with things that we had here already.  I love the way the house looks now.
~Jeff found some black slacks that no longer fit him so he is giving them to Chris.

~I picked squash from the garden.
~We had a surprise birthday party for Jeff at Chris and Heather's.  He has no clue, even as we drove up and he saw the cars there. :)  It was a potluck and so much fun!
~Chris sent us home with locally grown blueberries that he got from a friend's farm.
~Heather sent home most of the birthday cake with us.
~I left the rest of the pasta salad I made with Chris for his lunch Monday.
~Jeremy paid me for a table we had at his shop that sold.  I took that money and went to Winco and stocked up our pantry even further for the colder weather ahead.  I do not like to go out when there is ice on the road or the weather gets bad.  I feel much safer with a stocked pantry going into the colder months.

~Jeff picked blackberries for me.
~We got a movie from the library.
~I spent the entire morning in bed dozing on and off.  I was totally exhausted after the family party yesterday but it was so worth it!
~I watched some tv shows online after Jeff went to bed for the afternoon and early evening.
~I made a cheese ravioli casserole and garlic bread for dinner.

~We had more rain coming in and it really did a number on my fibromyalgia so Jeff picked the blackberries for me since I got dizzy any time I leaned over.
~Leftovers from last night were for dinner.
~I made some more quick cucumber pickles with cucumbers from our garden.
~Lunch was cherry tomatoes from the garden and cottage cheese seasoned with dill from the garden.
~Jeff substituted for a friend at bowling league so his bowling was paid for.
~I watched several videos and shows online.

~I borrowed another season of Downton Abbey on dvd from the library.  I love that series and find it very calming to watch.  I'm also a sucker for anything based in that time frame.
~I harvested more tomatoes, beans and cucumbers from the garden.
~Jeff grilled up some burgers and zucchinis for an early dinner/late lunch.
~We took Caesar for a walk when we went down to the library and to the post office.
~I froze more blackberries from the garden.

~I cooked up 2 chicken breasts in the InstantPot.  One I turned into chicken salad and the other I went on to make chicken alfredo using some green onions and cherry tomatoes from the garden.  It was so good and easy!
~We picked more blackberries and froze most of them.
~I used one of the Williams and Sonoma Fall leaf plates as a base for an battery powered candle.
~I went through some of the things in our pantry and got them more organized.

   On another note, please make sure you fill up your vehicles with fuel...prices are going to go up according to the news with the fires in Saudi Arabia's oil fields.  Jeff and I got both our vehicles filled up before the prices started to climb and are going to limit the use of my car until they go back down again or we have to do a major shopping trip.  Be blessed all!


  1. It sounds like you still get a lot done. Just don't over do - you know better!!!!!!
    Gentle hugs.

    1. LOL Cheryl, you would think so wouldn't you. ;) I have been having this feeling like I really have to get a lot of things done, pay off debt ASAP, and be prepared. Not sure why, but I am trying to learn more and do more. Be blessed my friend!

  2. Well that sounds like a right busy schedule to me. don't over do.

    1. I'm still trying to find balance and it keeps eluding me. ;)


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