Friday, July 13, 2018

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 7/7-7/13 2018

95F out on the back porch and this is how I find Doofy!

   It's been heating up around here, literally.  Today we hit the mid 90's.  Luckily, it does cool down well at night for us so far and I am hoping that pattern stays the same.  I'm currently venting the cooler night air into the house so that I can sleep well tonight and have the door to the front bedroom, which holds our pantry, open so that it can cool down in there.  This weeks post is going to be very low on pictures because I honestly have been a bit too hot to even think straight most of the time.  Here we go!

~Saturday Jeff and I went to the movies.  We saw "Ant Man and Wasp" at a matinee showing.  He got the senior discount also.  If we had waited one more day, I would have gotten the discount also but we really wanted to go on Saturday.
~We also went to Goodwill and found several pink tagged items (half price).  We also had a 20% off one item coupon.  We spent just a smidge over $25 and got 2 sweaters, 1 dressy type shirt (looked it up and it retails for $220 new), 1 loose warm long sleeved shirt for me, a shirt for Jeff, season 1 of "Will and Grace" and 2 cds for Jeff.
~We  shared a .99 junior sized Frosty on the way home.
~We picked raspberries from the garden.
~Sunday Chris and Heather had us, Jaysn, Rachel, Steven and Jeremy over to celebrate the July family birthdays.  My birthday was that day and Rachel's was on Wednesday the 11th.  We both we given such fun gifts!
~We took raspberries and cherries over for them and for Jeremy.
~Jeff made me a wooden pig with a unicorn horn and a tutu after I showed him a picture of an actual pig dressed up like that and said that is what I wanted for my birthday.  We can't have real pigs here so he surprised me by making me a wooden one. 💖
~We watched the movie "Sherlock Gnomes" that we borrowed from the library and had popcorn with it.
~Aunt Norma (our sweet neighbor who now has memory issues) showed up at our door last night with some cherries that she picked, washed and took all the stems out for us.  She got a little disoriented and sat down on our stairs so I helped her up and Jeff walked her back next door to her house and made sure she got in safely.
~Monday I boiled up a dozen eggs for Jeff.
~Chris and Heather and the boys stopped by for a visit.  I had Heather go through my shoes and take what she wanted (we wear the same size) of the ones that I cannot wear anymore.  I sent her home with a bag full.  Bradley's Lego magazine had also come in the mail so he got to take that home with him too.  They picked some more raspberries because the little boys ate all of them that I had taken over yesterday.  I'm glad they like their fruit!
~I got all the sheets and towels washed and hung the sheets out on the line to dry after Jeff got the lawn mowed.

~Tuesday was another day at home for me and one that I both needed and loved.  I finished reading a book from the library.
~I found the old tv series "My Favorite Martian" on YouTube so Jeff and dI are enjoying that.
~Wednesday I got Jeff's laundry hung up on the line to dry along with a few of my things.
~The watering of the gardens was done in the early morning and late evening.
~I borrowed a book and 2 movies from the library.
~While at the library, Jaysn and Rachel's neighbor gave me 2 eggplant plants.  She had planted too many up at another friend's house and was thinning them out.  They are beautiful plants and I do love my eggplant.
~I mixed up some aphid spray and got that on some of the rose bushes and the cauliflower plants.  The aphids are horrible this year.
~Jeff and I have been enjoying watching "Food Mythical Morning" on YouTube.  Those guys are funny!
~My neighbor came over to pick raspberries in the evening and we had a great visit.  She also brought me some really cute containers.
~I froze the raspberries I picked.  I also found one blueberry that was ripe and two strawberries so I ate those.
~Dinner was beer battered fish, roasted potatoes and homemade coleslaw with craisins in it.
~Thursday I got up early and got some laundry done.  I'm glad I did it early because Rachel needed to do some laundry also.  That meant a nice visit with her and Steven too.
~Both Rachel and I picked raspberries.
~Jeff and I ran into town to pick up some cat and dog food and toilet paper that was on sale at Shopko.  We also picked up a prescription for me, kitty litter and some personal care items at Walmart.
~I recently found that if I drank Gatorade or Powerade in the evening, that my legs do not hurt and cramp up at night as much.  They usually cramp up every single night (isn't Fibro fun?). Luckily it has been on sale at Safeway lately so I picked up 8 more today for .59 each and a cheese pizza that we will add pineapple and Canadian bacon to it when Isaiah spends the night this weekend since he wants "Hawaiian Pizza".

~Jeff treated us to Chinese food from the deli since the heat was really getting to me and I was having trouble even walking while we were out shopping.  I am so thankful he did that.  I had my dinner, watched a few shows and then went and laid down for about an hour.
~I got some free coupon inserts from the free midweek ads papers.
~Since our early dinner was the first meal I had all day, I had leftovers around midnight since I could not sleep and was hungry.
~Friday I took leftover cornbread and mixed it with bbq sauce, an egg, some water, onion, salt and some ground venison to make a meatloaf.  It was really good and something I hope to remember how I did it so we can have it again in the future.
~I have been listening to my friend Gary Haleamau, who is a well known Hawaiian music artist, livestream on Facebook.  I grew up with him and we were in the Hawaiian music and dance classes together in high school and also choir and select choir.  I can't wait to see him in October and meet his beautiful family.
~I did the watering at night since it was in the mid 90's here today and it was burning my plants.
~The sunset was absolutely glorious this evening and I tried to soak all the beauty in.

   We have Isaiah coming to spend the night with us tomorrow and I am very excited about that!  We try to take the grandkids for special one on one time in addition to having the bigger boys stay with us together also.  I have the hot tub ready, his bed is made and we will be making Canadian Bacon, Pineapple and Cheese pizza for dinner tomorrow night per his request.  He is very easy to please. :)


  1. Hi, Debbie--I have found that taking electrolytes at night helps me too. I don't have to do all the sugar in Gatotade anymore because a friend told me about "Elete"--a little squeeze container of electrolyte liquid you can squeeze into any beverage (iced tea, juice, water, whatever). It hardly has any flavor and works beautifully. I use 4-6 drops per glass, so it is also much ,ore economical than Gatorade. I but at health food store or on Amazon. Glad you are handling the heat and hope this is helpful!
    Anne from Flathead Valley, Montana

    1. Thank you Ann! I will look for that at our food coop. :) Enjoy that beautiful weather over there in your area. I wish I were there now swimming in Swan Lake right off my parent's dock. :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you were feeling well. They high heat always makes me so tired. Glad you were able to spend the day with your family.

    I am carefully watching the patch of raspberries on an empty plot of land near our house. When they are ready several people in the neighborhood go and pick. I want to get some this year. That is great that you have them on your property. Have lots of fun with your grandson.

    1. Thank you! I hope you get some of the raspberries. I just picked a bunch more this morning with my grandson Isaiah. :)

  3. Sounds like a pretty good week. Got to love free fruit - don't you love gardens?
    Good going on clearing out things - giving them to someone that can love them is fantastic.
    Have a good weekend and stay cool

    1. Thanks Cheryl. :) I just game in from the gardens where I found more ripe blueberries hiding under some strawberry leaves.

  4. It's really hot here, too. I think the heat wave is pretty wide spread, but the mid-upper 90's is scorching for here.

    We took my niece and nephew swimming early Thursday morning, then my husband took my niece to her activity while I went home to my nice air-conditioned house with my nephew and went through his routine with him. It was the hottest day, so I was glad we had some library movies that he watched after his chores were done. While they were swimming, I did my exercise, so felt really virtuous as I sat around for the rest of the day:).

    My berries have been getting ripe quickly in this heat, and there is going to be a lull now for a while on the everbearing raspberries. The blackberries are almost done, and strawberries are re-grouping, and the blueberries are about 3/4 done as well. I've been making jam and freezing berries every couple of days.

    Because my green beans decided to bloom right now, we have had to run the sprinklers over the garden during the hottest part of the super hot afternoons to keep those blooms from dropping off in the heat. It lowers the heat slightly, and works many times. I do see some tiny beans forming, so we didn't lose them all--it's always a gamble that we are not crisping and burning the rest of the plants by watering in the heat. It's going to be hot for a few more days, then I need to get in there and do some weeding.

    The zucchini is exploding, and so far, I'm keeping up on the lettuce. I will pick a ton more today to share with one sister and a friend. In this heat, it is just going to bolt and turn bitter if I don't get it used. There are a couple of patches of tiny lettuce that will grow when this heat wave is over.

    I got 5 ice creams for 99c each. I know what we are having for our menu plan for this heat wave! Somehow the soup I made isn't really getting chosen when people say what they want for dinner:)I bet if I offer only ice cream, I'll have takers!!!

    1. You are way ahead of us with everything ripening. I hope you are able to save all those beans. I have tiny little yellow squash but the zuch's are not even blooming yet. Great deal on the ice cream!

  5. Wow what a busy week, Can I come pick raspberries? It is hot here 104....

  6. What a great week. I miss those colored tags at the thrift stores. It was always so much fun.
    Great idea about drinking Gatorade at night, I'll have to keep that in mind. My legs some times 'twitch' at night also.
    We're into the mid80s today and tomorrow will be 89/90. The dog and I are enjoying the AC. Take good care.

    1. Hi SJ, I found more today! I got 2 J Jill shirts for $3 each. :) Did you see the comment by Anne above about the electrolyte drops? I am going to try and find them at our food coop. Stay cool!

  7. Happy birthday, Debbie! So glad you got to spend it with your family. You must post a picture of your pig when you can!

    1. Thank you Bless. I can't believe I forgot to post a picture of the pig. Thank you for the reminder!


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