Monday, July 2, 2018

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 6/23 - 6/29 2018

Meal ideas with what we have in the pantry, fridge, freezer and garden.

    Late again...busy weekend and another flare hit...oh joy....NOT!  All the weather changes have been wreaking havoc on my body.  Such is life.

Made more homemade syrup.

~Saturday I cooked up 2 pork roasts in the crockpot with half a can of leftover beer.  I then shredded the pork roasts.  Some we will eat plain as is, and the rest will later be mixed with BBQ sauce or Yoshida's sauce to make sandwiches with later.  This will make several meals.  I froze most of the meat mixtures for future meals.  I'm trying to stock my freezer with homemade precooked meals to get us through the hot days of Summer when I am sick from the heat and the last thing I want to do is heat up the house cooking anyway.
~Jeff and I made a list of meals that we could make with what we have in our freezers.  There is a lot of meat in there along with some prepackaged meals, veggies and frozen bread and fruit.
~All the laundry was hung out of the line to dry since it was such a breezy day.
~Jeff made pancakes for breakfast from my homemade pancake mix.
~I made some more homemade pancake mix.
~We saved the eggshells from making the pancakes and will crush them up when they are dry to put around some of the more tender plants in the garden.

Cutting up rhubarb from our garden to freeze. 

~I got the hot tub maintenance done and we hot tubbed later in the evening.
~Jeff got the rain barrel set up and we used the rain water that had collected in a bucket already to water one of the pear trees.
~I looked up the recipes for homemade weed killer for the driveway and homemade aphid spray.  I'll get them mixed up and applied later in the week since it looked like we were going to get rain.
~Jeff and I finally got the harvested rhubarb cut up and frozen.
~I fixed myself a raspberry gin (homemade) fizzy drink as a treat.  I plan on making more of the raspberry gin again this year since the plants are loaded with berries.  This is one of my favorite drinks ever.
~I got some cooked rice that I had previously frozen, warmed that up and served it with pulled pork and cabbage for dinner.  Yum!
~Sunday Jeff and I celebrated Father's Day a week late.  We went out to lunch (way cheaper than going out to dinner) at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants and then went to the bowling alley so he could bowl 3 games.  We got the league rate so that saved money right there also.
~We stopped at Goodwill to donate some things and found some treasures there as well.  We spent a little over $11 since we had a return item, had an item with a half price colored tag and a 20% off the highest priced item coupon.  Steven loved the little shoes we got him. 😁

Raspberry Gin Fizz with homemade raspberry infused gin.

~Monday Jeff and I went down to the park with Rachel and Steven for a bit and took Caesar with us.  The Avista guy was reading meters and Caesar was on instant alert and protection mode.  This is the same guy who kept lunging at him trying to provoke him and get him to bite in our own yard.  We finally got a meter that they can read remotely installed so we don't have to deal with him at home.  Well the idiot decided to try and provoke Caesar again with us standing right there.  He had to go out of his way to even come near us since we were at the park and on the basketball court.  Caesar positioned himself between the baby and that awful man and we had to hold Caesar back and get him calmed down.  Caesar rarely gets upset, but if someone is a threat to his "pack", he will protect them.
~I borrowed some movies from the library.
~We washed the shower curtain and towels from the master bathroom and Jeff gave the whole bathroom a good cleaning.  The towels were hung out on the lawn to dry.
~I harvested some raspberries and strawberries from the garden today and gave most of them to Rachel.
~A whole package of bacon that I had previously found on clearance and then froze was cooked up in the oven so we could use some of it for BLT sandwiches for dinner using lettuce from our garden also.
~I saved the bacon grease to use to fry potatoes in at a future time.
~We had a power surge which caused the hot tub to reset itself up to 99F.  I redid the settings to take it back down to 85F and in economy mode when we were not using it but also took advantage of the hot water to have a nice soak in.  Jeff joined me once he got up from his afternoon nap.
~I ran a load of laundry late at night so that I could dry it in the morning before Rachel needed to use the washer, dryer and laundry line to do their laundry.

BLT sandwiches with lettuce from our garden.

~Tuesday was spent at home.  I did some laundry, picked some raspberries and cherries, along with 1 lonely strawberry, watered the gardens and did some reading.
~Dinner was leftovers.
~My allergies were acting up and that made me miserable and really nervous for some reason.  I ended up going to bed around 6:15 p.m.,took a sleeping pill to help calm me down, got up at midnight to have a yogurt and then slept until 7 the next morning.  I still only got 15 minutes of deep sleep though.  Is it any wonder that U have major brain fog? 😠
~Wednesday morning found me up earlier than my normal, which is a good thing.  I had coffee out on the back porch and nibbled on some more raspberries and cherries that I picked while wandering around the garden.
~I was having a rough day and skipped my oldest grandson's T-ball game.  Jeff went to it and brought me home a Snickers candy bar to help cheer me up.
~I did make 2 more loaves of bread.
~Thursday I harvested more cherries and raspberries from the garden.
~It rained so our rain barrel got some much needed water in it and our gardens got a good soaking.
~I have been trying to work my points programs as much as possible this week.
~Thursday I made Jeff and I a nice dinner of elk steaks, broccoli cheese rice and green beans for him and tomatoes for me.

Thursday night's dinner.

~Jeff picked some cherries before the birds got the rest of them.
~Friday Steven came over to spend the afternoon and early evening with us.  We had a nice snack of cheddar cheese and crackers.
~I harvested more cherries, raspberries and strawberries from the garden.
~I got my shopping list done for my Safeway cherry picked deals.
~I went through the deals at Rosauers and circled what I wanted to get there also.

Rosauers ad.

   Hope you are all doing well!


  1. Great post as always. Too funny -- I keep a list of meals on my refrigerator as well. It helps when the brain fog kicks in.
    I had a flare on Saturday - wrote you an email about it. Just now coming out of it, yea.

    Good for Caesar to protect his pack, imo. MrDog does the same with me - he'll stand between me and the threat. Even if it's the yappy dog next door!
    Take good care. Fun to see your harvests.

  2. I hope your report that man to his company. He should not be doing that and definitely not at a park with kids around. To bad you didn't get it on video so you could upload it for everyone to see including his bosses.

    So jealous of all of your cherries and raspberries. I have been buying lots of cherries since they are on sale for $1.99 a pound but getting them from your own garden is so much better. Have a wonderful week.

    1. He has been reported many times by us and others.

  3. Hello, my friend!
    You always inspire me to plan more, save more, and organize more.
    Love your love of home and family.
    Have a cozy Fourth!

  4. It is a cherry kind of a week! I'm glad you got to enjoy some. I've just finished a 2-day cherry marathon, and am happy to report I got the last of them pitted and frozen a little while ago. Now, I can sit down for a bit, and turn my attention to the 4th of July dinner. We only have 2 guests coming, and they are both close family, so I can rest this evening while I enjoy the holiday.

    It sound like you are having a pretty good week. I hope your flare doesn't or didn't keep you down for long, and that you stay healthy for the rest of the week.

  5. Isn't rain wonderful for the garden, Debbie! We'had had showers yesterday and overnight so everything nice and damp. Your BLT sandwiches look yummo...I am using bacon today to make a split pea and bacon soup. I hope you are feeling better! Meg:)

  6. Yet another frugal week! I enjoyed reading all the things you did. Sorry I am a bit late with my comments; my daughter was home over the 4th of July weekend and I'm a bit behind on my blog readings and commenting!

    1. I am too my friend...not to worry! I am glad your daughter was able to be with you. :)


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