Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Some of Life's Simple Pleasures



   I had great plans for this Summer (as I always do), but life got busy (and expensive).  My health, along with the health of other family members has limited what we are able to do and where we can go also.  I could have a huge pity party, but I refuse to do that and become depressed.  Instead I am trying to focus on life's simple and free pleasures.  Here are some of the things that I have been taking great joy in lately...

~my youngest grandson Steven's smile (he is 2 months old now)
~the antics of my older 2 grandsons, they never cease to make me laugh
~my hubby and his love for our family 
~my adult children who are all amazing human beings and the closeness we all share
~the coolness of my house when it is so hot outside
~hugs shared with friends and family
~flowers in bloom
~the abundance of our fruit trees and bushes this year
~hummingbirds flitting from flower to flower
~quiet days at home with nothing pressing to do
~listening to the birds outside sing to each other
~the look of excitement and happiness on Caesar's face when I come out into the backyard to play with him
~Doofy cat letting me know in his own special way that he needs my attention
~Our local library where I can borrow so many books and movies
~people with common sense (it seems to be lacking in so many these days)
~the smell of laundry that has been dried on the clothesline
~learning that my son Josh will not be going to Afghanistan...Praise God!
~long conversations lately with my oldest son Jaysn (his becoming a new father has made him want to call us more often and I am totally thrilled about that)
~friends that I have made through this blog
~some cute little finches that have been visiting lately and get pretty close to me when I am out in the garden
~fresh tomatoes right off the bush
~my hubby and I thinking the exact same thoughts so many times about things

   Those are just a few of the simple pleasures in my life.  Right now I am sitting here enjoying the quiet since my hubby has his bowling league tonight so it is just me at home.  His Summer Bowling League is starting to wrap up and I know he has been enjoying it.  We will have a few weeks until his Fall League starts and I want to make those Wednesday nights special.  I have a few frugal plans for those that I will share later. 😉


  1. You are absolutely right; we have so much to be thankful for. I am trying to 'live in the moment' more and not fret about yesterday or tomorrow. My daughter and 2 year old granddaughter are visiting this week, and I'm trying to take in every cute little thing she does!

    1. I hope you had/have a wonderful time with your daughter and granddaughter. :)

  2. I so needed to read this today and think about the good things in my life. The simple things that we overlook and just take for granted. Life has been really hard this last few weeks (even harder that the last few months - which have been no picnic) But it has drawn me into a closer relationship with God and my kids (grown) and even my 18 year old granddaughter. It is such a joy to see the mature woman she is becoming and how many wonderful good opinions she has formed being raised by my son as a parent with custody since she was very little. We still have many trial ahead both legal and medical because sometimes life just isn't fair but I am thankful for all the good things that have come this way. I think I need to write out a list! Thank you for your blog and for encouraging me today.
    Take care.

    1. (((((HUGS)))) Crystal. I am praying for you that God continue to strengthen you and for answered prayers and provision. It is wonderful to see how amazing our kids and grandkids have turned out isn't it? Be blessed my friend.

  3. Great list. It goes along with something I heard yesterday. I was watching Joyce Meyer's tv show at lunch time. She talked about not 'parking in pity' and how one way she avoid pity is to make a list of 10 things she's grateful for.
    Reminded me of my first year sponsor who wouldn't talk with me on the phone until I had written three things in my 'gratitude journal' for the day. Her counsel was to write three things each day in a journal. It really did help change and improve my attitude.
    These days I tend to put my 'gratitudes' in my prayers. Getting back to writing them down might be a good thing.

    Took myself off to the garden store this morning since they were having their once a month sale. Bought a few seeds for a fall garden. Now I've got to find space to plant--hahaha. Cheers, SJ

    1. Your sponsor was/is a wise person. We need to count our blessings first because it does help put us in the right frame of mind. That is something that I too have to remind myself from time to time, especially on the bad days. ;)

      What all did you buy to plant in your Fall garden?

  4. It truly is the little things that make my heart sing also! Simple pleasures, and the simple beauty of life in the country. A good meal, my garden, my pups, my love, my daughters, my family. Hope you have a peaceful weekend!

    1. Hi Debbie, it has been a wonderful weekend. :) We spent yesterday with our oldest son, our Rachel and our littlest grandson Steven. Today hubby went golfing in the morning and I was able to get a long standing project that I had been putting off checked off my list. :) I hope your's is great as well!

  5. That is a great list of simple pleasures! It's good to count the blessings, isn't it?


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