Monday, June 26, 2017

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 6/17-6/23 2017


  Busy, Busy , Busy!  We had a really busy weekend so I am once again late in posting this.  Better late than never right? 😋  Onto the savings....

~Jeff and I hit some thrift stores again on Saturday and found some shirts for both of us, a Brighton purse, a Cath Kidston wallet, a skeet target thrower (Chris lost his), another leash and collar for Doofy cat, another body spray for me for Bath and Body Works, a pretty necklace and a small Pyrex measuring cup.
~Jeff and I cut each other's hair on Sunday.  We both feel human again!
~More strawberries were picked and the little boys, Bradley and Isaiah, loved them. 😀
~We did a Potluck for Father's Day.  I supplied the Kalua Pig and rice, Jeremy brought a pasta salad, Jaysn and Rachel brought macaroni salad and watermelon, and Heather brought death by chocolate.  YUM!
~The kids left the leftovers with us.
~Jeff and I really enjoyed the movie "Beauty and the Beast" that we borrowed from the library.  I popped some popcorn on the stove and we had that to munch on while we watched the movie.

~Monday we had leftovers for lunch and then had taco salad for dinner.  The taco meat is some that I had cooked up and frozen.  Since it was a hot day, we opted for something cool, quick and easy for dinner.
~I borrowed season 4 of Downton Abbey from the library...that is where I left off before we cancelled our DISH network.  Our new librarian ordered in season 5 for me while I was there.  She is a sweetheart.
~Our little library has a book sale and I found another copy of the More with Less cookbook for .50.  These are getting harder and harder to find so I buy them whenever I see them for friends and family.
~Most of the laundry was hung out in the line to dry this week.
~A huge branch from our neighbor's tree came crashing down into our yard.  We borrowed the trailer from Uncle Bob and hauled all the smaller parts off and gave the larger pieces of wood (after Jeff cut everything up) to another friend.  Our neighbor, whose tree it was, was so sorry that it happened and insisted on gifting us with a night out to dinner.

~I needed more aluminum foil and just about bought some at the grocery store when I remembered that we stocked up right after Christmas when one of the local stores was clearing out their older stock because their house brand has changed its packaging.  I got the heavy duty large boxes for $1 each then and bought 3 of them.  That should last us at least a year!
~Jeff changed the oil and filters in both our vehicles.
~I pulled some homemade candy (leftover from Rachel's baby shower) out for treats this week.
~Monday I planted more bean seeds hoping to fill in the areas where the slugs had destroyed my first planting of them.
~More bread was made.
~Tuesday I cashed in for a $25 Walmart gift card at Swagbucks taking advantage of it being discounted since it is my first gift card redemption this month and I was also able to use a 20 SB bonus I got on top of that.
~I was able to snag 3 free samples from Pinch Me.
~For a quick pick me up, I made an iced coffee drink in the afternoon using some leftover coffee from the morning.

~More rhubarb was harvested from the garden.  I kept some and gave some to my neighbor. I cut up and froze another 6 cups of it and made a rhubarb cake with the other 3 cups of diced rhubarb.  My hubby was very happy to see that cake cooling in the kitchen.  This is the man who claims he does not like rhubarb, but he loves this cake (and yes, he knows that it is made with rhubarb. 😉
~I was craving iced tea so I made an ice tea concentrate with 4 teabags.
~Our neighbor Shannon gave us half a watermelon.  YUM!
~My PinchMe samples finally came that I ordered last month.  I got tea, lotion, a Scotch lint roller, a sample of dog food and a coupon for some free dog food!

~I was tired Tuesday night and did not feel like cooking dinner so Jeff made us grilled cheese sandwiches on some of the homemade bread I had baked earlier in the day.
~Wednesday I spent the afternoon and evening with family.  Heather, Rachel and the grandboys all met at the park for a picnic.  I then met Chris and Jeff at the bowling alley later to watch them bowl for awhile.
~Wednesday I also hit 2 thrift stores and found some shirts for the little boys, a dress for an upcoming wedding for me, some movies, educational materials for the little boys, a wristlet, and lots of fun beauty products along with a gorgeous necklace and a nice frame.

~Safeway had a sale on Soliel sparking water 12 packs for $1.99 each.  I got 4 packs in assorted flavors and also picked up some free dog food with the coupon that I got from PinchMe.
~Thursday I stayed home with a huge Fibro flare.  OUCH!  I picked the strawberries and got the gardens watered along with doing some laundry but that was all I could handle.  Leftover were for dinner.
~I have been watching "The Big Allotment Challenge" on Youtube and really enjoying it.
~PinchMe offered me a free magazine subscription so I chose Money magazine.
~I planted even more beans, both bush and pole since the slugs have been eating my pole beans.

   We've been hit with some more high and unexpected bills so the goal is to find ways to save or earn even more.  Luckily the garden is producing more so that will really help cut our food costs and we will try to be making meals mostly with what we have on hand.  


  1. Yea, love this post. Don't care when you post it - just glad you do it.
    I pick up More with Less whenever I see a copy as well!! I like having a spare as my first copy got taken out with the trash one time.
    Look at you go with that rhubarb. Mine isn't very happy this year but my strawberries have been amazing. Mostly I'm freezing them and once they're done producing, I'll make some jam. Or maybe syrup.
    I've had the worst year with getting seeds to start. Finally had to buy some beets in a 6-pack.
    I haven't had slugs to worry about this year but I have ants in my veggie gardens. And they just won't go away. I've tried coffee grinds and cornmeal - alternating. Both have worked for me in the past but not this year.
    When I lived in Olympia,I had slugs. I bought a 50# bag of cow bran at the feed store and would set a perimeter with it around the garden. It had to be reapplied after every rain -what a pain. But it worked and had no chemicals so it was safe for pets and kids. And I did go slug hunting a few nights with a flash light ---ick,
    Hope you recovered from your fibro flare. I did my sleep study last week and it took a few days to recover from it. Let's just say, I did not like sleeping with all the testing gear. I've also had to chose between my gardens and swimming. The gardens are winning that one. So it goes.
    Cheers, SJ

    1. HI SJ :) That is so funny that you and I both are picking up the same book when we see it.
      Both my rhubarb and strawberries are doing well this year...but I did notice that the slugs are getting into the strawberries now too. Time to start saving and crushing eggshells to spread around that bed too. I tried to get rid of the slugs on the beans by picking them off and doing the beer thing, but I finally just got so made at them yesterday that I went after them with the salt shaker. They did not like that at all! It is raining now so I suspect that I will have more to "salt" tomorrow. YUCK!
      I;n sorry that your sleep study threw you off and it took you time to recover from it. Have they told you the results yet? I think I would have chosen the gardening too. You get to eat good things after putting in the time and effort, always a good thing in my book. ;) I had more fibro flares this past week and some were really bad. Today was the first day that I felt semi normal, even after not getting much sleep last night, but I did manage a short nap this afternoon. Praying I can sleep tonight. Be blessed!

  2. Sounds like you had a great week. Oh my your cake looks and sounds so good.
    I haven't been to many thrift stores in ages. I just have one I go to now and then. All the others are so stinking expensive.
    Your stores sound great.
    have a good one.

    1. Hi Cheryl :) I have noticed prices climbing at some of the stores. There is one that I only buy things when they are the colored tag on sale because other than that, I can get new things at Walmart for the same price or even less. Ridiculous! It is getting more and more challenging to find things at good prices, but I keep hunting. ;) Be blessed!

  3. Good morning, you amaze me with all you do even with health limitations.
    Cath Kidston makes such nice things, how fortunate you are to find her a thrift store 😄
    Sorry about the extra surprise expenses

    1. Hi Rhonda, I honestly did not do a whole lot last week. I was very pleased with the Cath Kidston wallet! I love how God puts little surprises in our paths. :)

  4. Praying that you get some good sleep.

    About the slugs - I've resorted to using the salt shaker as well. It's effective!

    The sleep study results go to the doctor two weeks after the test. I'm not convinced I have sleep apnea. But if it's even remotely a contributing factor, I'm game to try a machine while sleeping.
    The garden is a joy and also a way to socialize with other people. I do miss my swimming though. The upside to swimming was that I slept better at night. Anything for a good sleep, right? But lately it's just made me feel worse so I had to stop. Take good care, SJ

    1. Hi SJ, I think maybe you were just overdoing it with both the gardening and the swimming. I do't remember if you said so, but is the pool indoors? If so than maybe you can return to doing that when the gardening season is done. :)

  5. Hi back. Yes,I was definitely doing too much. I kept making myself sick and was just too stubborn to change. And, yes, my main workout pool is indoors and so is year-round. There's still just a lot of me that fights being sick.

    The city also has two outdoor pools that are only open during the summer. I'm actually signed up to take an over40s water aerobic class once a week in one of them. Class starts tomorrow so I'm taking it easy today. Swimming outside is lovely. It's easier for me to pace myself when I'm in the aerobics class then when I'm swimming laps. Hopefully I'll be able to go regularly. So, I'm hoping I'm making good choices so far - no thrift store yesterday, no senior dinner tonight, limited time in the gardens to just watering.
    Are you feeling better? Does the cooler weather help?
    Cheers, SJ

    1. I hope you enjoy that water aerobics class. They used to have that up here at our local pool, but I don't think they do it anymore. :)

      I'm tired and in the middle of another Fibro flare/crash. I did however get to spend part of the day with my youngest grandson yesterday and he smiled at me for the first time when I told him I loved him and kissed him goodbye as I left. Melt my heart!

  6. Awww, could just see your littlest grandson.

    Didn't go to my swim class. Ended up feeling really tired & punk last night so I'm taking it super easy today. Back in my summer jammies after walking the dog around the block.
    So it goes. I know you get it. SJ

    1. (((((HUGS))))) my friend. Praying for you.

  7. I just found your blog and found it close to my own story. I am originally from a small town in OK, I am a grandma to two marvelous children, I am a retired teacher and paraprofessional, and alas I also have fibromyalgia. Throw in Sjogrens Syndrome and my daily dose of pain level is pretty high as yours seems to be. Finding a balance between managing these illnesses and the things that I would like to do is so tricky. Frugal activities can be sabotaged very easily! You do so much and I am in awe! A faith in God's help to get us through, is often sufficient to getting through. Hang on to Him! Blessings, Bonnie

    1. Welcome Bonnie! I'm sorry that you are also dealing with Fibromyalgia along with Sjogren's Syndrome. Gentle (((((HUGS)))). There are days when it is only my faith in God, along with knowing that my beautiful family still needs me, that keeps me going. As for getting a lot done, I try and pace myself and things frequently get put on hold or added to the next day's list when I just can't do it anymore. I just came in from watering our neighbor's garden and potted plants (she had a stroke on Wednesday) and then did some work in our yard and am now resting since my muscles in my neck and upper back are screaming at me. I may be done for the morning. ;)
      Be blessed!

  8. Thank you Debbie! I will be following your blog for your frugal advice, and the ways that you manage our common ailment. It should be an interesting journey! Take care and don't over do during the holiday. God bless, Bonnie

    1. Thanks Bonnie :) Our family is coming over Tuesday for a combined 4th of July/July family birthday BBQ and potluck. Everyone brings something and we all look forward to being together. This time my cousin is also bringing his dog Maggie, who is going to have a blast running around in our fenced in backyard with our big dog Caesar. :) Grandkids, dogs, lots of good food, love and laughter. Just the way I like to spend family time. :) I hope you have a wonderful holiday also and I'm sure we will both need some rest after it. ;) Be blessed!

  9. I've been reading, Debbie, but late commenting. Sorry. (I can read during a break in the office, but I don't post comments when I am at the office). Glad you had a good week, apart from the flare ups. Sorry to hear about the unexpected high bills. Those always throw us for a loop, don't they? Your rhubarb cake looks delicious!

    1. Thanks Bless, there are times that I read blogs too but either don't have the time or honestly the energy needed to comment on them. :)


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