Friday, June 16, 2017

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 6/10-6/16 2017


   It's been another week where I needed to take things slow and rest as much as possible.  Even if I had wanted to, I could not have gotten a whole lot done.  We did manage a day trip out of town on Sunday and were careful to not spend a lot of money there.  I had planned on working more in the garden, but again energy did not allow that and neither did the weather towards the end of the week.  My hubby did manage to get a bunch of weed eating and weeding done before the bad weather rolled in though.  Thank goodness for that man!  The highlight of my week was having the little boys here for the afternoon on Wednesday.  Oh they are so much fun and growing up so quickly!  Onto the savings!

I could not resist this for .99 for Steven.

~Harvested a bunch of oregano from our garden, washed it and hung it to dry.
~Jeff build another fence around the blueberries and around the blackberries to protect them from the fruit crazy dog!
~Sunday Jeff and I took a short trip up to Coeur D'Alene, ID and went out to lunch at Texas Roadhouse.  We had a $25 gift card and our meal came to under that amount.  We did leave a $5 in cash tip along with the rest of the change after the gift card was applied.
~We used a Home Depot gift card to get some more seeds for our garden.
~We hit 2 thrift stores and found 3 shirts and a blue light bulb.

Momma and baby duck swimming by the Boardwalk up at the Lake Coeur D'Alene.

~We really enjoyed a walk on the boardwalk up at the Coeur D'Alene resort and watch a momma duck and her babies go begging for food from all the people on the boardwalk.
~We watched the movie "Hidden Figures" that we borrowed from the library.  It was really good!
~I froze 10 overripe bananas to use for banana bread later.
~Jeff potted up more mint to give to my cousin.
~I used some beer in small lids to bait slugs that are eating all my bean plants.
~The rest of the beer was used to cook some elk steaks in.
~Our garden is now giving me the first of the cherry tomatoes, strawberries along with green onions.

The handful of supplements and my thyroid medication that I take every day.  Without the supplements, my Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue would be so much worse.

~We needed some more supplements so I ordered some through Vitacost going through a link at Swagbucks so I get some points on that and I also used a 20% off coupon code.
~Two loaves of sandwich bread were made.
~The grandboys were here Wednesday afternoon.  They hot tubbed with Jeff, colored some coloring sheets from Moana that I printed off for them, played in the yard and wore out both our fur babies, had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on fresh homemade bread and then watched some kids tv shows on Netflix.

A very brave Gpa who played in the hot tub with Isaiah and Bradley when they were here Wednesday.

~Wednesday's dinner was zucchini (.50 for both) and shrimp (bought on sale previously) over rice (free).
~Thursday Jeff took me into town in the afternoon/evening.  We hit Goodwill and I was able to find brand new with tags baby clothes for gifts for a baby shower I am going to for 2 sisters in about a week's time.  I also found some things for our Steven, some Bath and Body Works body spray for $1.99, a huge brand new canister of hair spray for $1.99, a book, Jeff found a leather catchers mitt for $3 and a car phone charger.
~The Dollar Tree is my go to for cards.  We found Father's Day cards at 2/$1 for the dads in our family.

Jeff's $3 find at the Goodwill!

~The mail brought more free magazines for us and for our kids.
~I SKYPED several times with Josh this week.  That always makes me happy!😊
~It rained off and on for 3 days so that cut way down on me having to water the gardens.
~I am continuing to research more ways to help with my CFS and Fibromyalgia and making more changes in my life.  Some of these changes are not easy but I am willing to do whatever I can to help my health.
~Doofy needed some more calming collars so I looked online at  They had an amazing sale on them with packages of 3 for less than I pay for 1 at Petco.  I bought 2 packages of them (so 6 month's worth), some more of his specialty (aka expensive) cat food and a 40 pound bag of clumping cat litter.  I got free 2 day shipping and an additional discount.  I spent less on everything than I would have on 4 collars alone at Petco.  I figured my savings at about $80!

Shrimp and Zucchini in a garlic and wine sauce served over rice.

~Friday night I took some leftover elk steaks, cut them up, made a gravy with the sauce the streaks were cooked in and added some mushrooms and sour cream to that and then threw in some leftover cooked rice.  It made for a nice creamy casserole for dinner.
~I borrowed more movies and books from the library.

Movies borrowed from the library.

   This coming week I really do hope to be able to get out in the garden more and get a few more things planted as well as trying to get a handle on the weeds.  The strawberry bed needs to be covered with some netting as well so that I don't lose the berries to the birds.  We shall see how much I can actually get done...only time will tell.😉


  1. I hope that you will be feeling a lot better soon, Debbie. It is hard when your body won't allow you to do the things you want to do. I have lots of oregano growing in my garden, it grows prolifically here. I've never dried it before so I must try that. I like to borrow books and DVDs from the library too, though it's rare I'll actually sit down to watch the movies or tv series...I usually end up returning them without ever watching them! Meg:)

    1. Hi Meg, oregano is really easy to dry and I love having some on hand year round. I use it fresh when it is in season and then use the dried stuff in the other months. Funny about the library books and movies...I only get half of what I borrow watched or read, especially this time of year when I am spending so much time outside. Be blessed and I do hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi Debbie, that is a funny onesie. I don't usually mind changing babies but occasionally I have wished it would just change itself. 😂
    You find the best things at your thrift stores.

    1. Hi Rhonda, that onesie just cracked me up. :) Jaysn and Rachel have been discovering the amazing talents that Steven has of being able to wet himself all over, even with a diaper on. LOL! I can't wait to give it to them tomorrow. :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Sounds like you had a good week, even with the energy levels being low. I love all the great bargains you manage to find at your thrift stores! Hope next week will be a good one for you.

    1. Thanks BLess, our thrift stores do have some really good deals!

  4. That onesie really is cute. Great finds & sounds like you made the best of a week where you didn't have much energy.

    One of my labs that happened when I saw the doctor last week showed that I had a UTI. It's funny - I get so focused on the CFS that I forget that I can get 'normal' issues to deal with. So I've got some meds to take for that for a week.
    I'd be interested to hear what else you're doing for your fibro and CFS. There's so little good information available that it helps to hear first hand accounts of what's working for people. I'm doing my sleep study this week to see if I also have sleep apnea. Again - maybe a compounding problem to the CFS for me.
    The garden is producing strawberries like crazy even with all this rain and now cooler temps. Since these are leftover from the previous people, I won't know if they're everbearing for a little while.
    Take good care of yourself. SJ

    1. Hi SJ, praying you can get that UTI cleared up quickly. I'm learning more about the importance of sleep and how to try to get back into a normal sleep routine. I've also learned that I need to eat healthy foods every 4 hours during the day and no surprise here, lower my stress levels. Apparently some of the weight gain is actually do to our bodies trying to protect itself with fat from stress. Who knew???
      I'm so glad you are getting more strawberries. I just picked about 7 today with more ripening within the next day or so.
      Be blessed!

  5. In spite of your fatigue and pain - it sounds like a lovely week.
    A great husband and a lovely date.
    Wonderful little ones to make you smile.
    Great bargains.
    Garden starting to produce.
    Wishing you another lovely week.

    1. Thank you Cheryl. :) We had all the grandkids here yesterday and it was so much fun!

  6. You had a great week! I love all the things you found at the thrift store. I'm still having a hissy fit because movies are not free at this library where we moved. In the past, we have checked out tons of movies, but here--it's cheaper to pay for Xfinity cable. Thankfully, by giving up the land line that we had to have way out in the country (no service at our old house), we are still paying the same or less than we paid before for land line phones and internet for internet and cable now. So, I've enjoyed cable for the first time in around 10-12 years and guess I'm easily amused because I'm finding plenty to watch:) I'm loving cooking shows, shows about self-reliant people in Alaska, even fishing for tuna shows and more. Have a great week!

    1. HI Becky, it sounds like you and I really enjoy the same types of shows. :) I'm sorry your library does not have free movies. I would be upset about that too!

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