Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spokane Getaway Last Weekend

   I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of Jeff and my spur of the moment Getaway weekend last weekend in Spokane.  The river pictures are of the Spokane River and Falls.  It was running really high on Sunday when I took these pictures and by Monday morning it was another 3 feet higher and touching the bottoms of some of the bridges.  They ended up shutting down all the pedestrian bridges later that day across the river.  Sadly, someone jumped into the river, committing suicide Monday afternoon from one of the bridges also.  

      These next pictures are from the Red Lion Hotel that we stayed at.  They had just finished remodeling their hotel and I love the way the main lobby area turned out.  So much fun!  I did not take any pictures of our hotel room because frankly, it was just a standard room and we had multiple problems with it and the housekeeping service.  They did give us a voucher for a free deluxe room for our next trip up there.

      This is our breakfast on Monday morning.  Oh so good!  Our waiter, Daniel, was amazing and so kind, attentive and courteous.  When talking the to manager about our other issues with our hotel room and showing him in our room what those issues were,  I was sure to tell him about the great service we got from Daniel and that he really helped turn our morning around after the other issues.  I know that Daniel was a new hire but I sure hope they give him a raise.  He deserves one!

   I wish I had gotten pictures of the time we spent with our friends but we were all having such a good time and totally spaced off taking any.  It was great to get caught up with them and to play with the toddler and the baby.  My friend Robyn is totally in Grandma heaven with those two little cuties and my goodness they adore her. :)  All in all it was a good trip with lots of shopping, good food, time with friends and being able to just relax with my hubby.  Hopefully the next time we stay there our room will be clean and not missing things.


  1. Wow, all that water in Spokane! It looks so beautiful though. And that breakfast! I spot smoked salmon with red onion and capers, one of my favorites 😁

    I hate when hotels mess up like that. The hubby and I had a horrible time with the hotel we stayed at in January in Cincinnati. We also got a free room for the next time though, so at least we had that!

  2. That water is fierce looking. I have a fear of water - and that would have scared me.
    So glad you had a fun get-away.

  3. Good Evening Mrs. Debbie,
    The spring thaw has the rivers running high. As treacherous as all that water is, it is a beautiful sign of a, hopefully, drought free summer!
    Your breakfasts look delish ... I must admit, one of the most exciting anticipations I have about traveling south to see our new grandbaby, is all the fabulous food I will have an opportunity to eat! Out here on the Montana prairie, the only thing restaurants seem to know how to prepare well is a rare to med.rare steak. I prefer my steak well and there is an art to producing a MOIST well-done steak, one I've perfected in my own kitchen & I can't figure out why a chef can't reproduce that in a restaurant. I'm looking forward to southern soul food while in the Carolinas, BBQ as I travel through Mississippi, creole when I get to Louisiana and upon my arrival to the Gulf Coast of Texas, seafood! Also, Houston's China Town has some of the BEST authentic Chinese cuisines in the nation. I hope I have enough time to go into Houston. I must admit, prior to moving to Montana, I never imagined that the prospect of EATING would be a coveted highlight on a vacation. LOL!
    So glad to hear y'all had a great time on your get-away.

  4. It was lovely to read that there was a staff member at the hotel who offered great service. When you get the chance to go away for a weekend or a holiday, it's nice to be able to enjoy it! Meg

  5. Glad to read that you had a good time in spite of the lousy hotel service, Debbie. Sometimes you just got to get away from it all.


  6. Great pictures. The water shots are amazing. And, the food looked quite yummy.
    Hope you're ok this week and not in crash mode.
    Cheers, SJ

  7. That water is raging! What a marvelous view of it. I'm glad you had fun.

  8. I haven't been down to Spokane to see the water! Wow, it was great to see your pictures, that river sure is wild looking! Glad you had such a nice time with your husband, even though the room was disappointing! We are dealing with mudslides and road closures here and floods, crazy spring weather! But a happy thought - I saw tulips poking up their heads in my garden yesterday, oh happy day!

  9. Ugh.... nothing worse than looking forward to some time away and having a crappy room. I'm glad they gave you a free stay though and that you had a great time and a lovely breakfast. I hope that waiter gets a raise too :)

    I'm about to start watching the prepper girl video. Thanks for recommending it!

    Happy Spring, my friend!



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