Sunday, September 11, 2016

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 9/3-9/9 2016


   I am so sorry that I am getting this posted so late.  I usually try to either post late Friday night or early Saturday morning.  We have had a busy few days and both posting and reading other blogs has had to take a back seat while life happened.  ;)  All in all it has been a really frugal week, for which I am thankful since early, we are talking 3 a.m. (yesterday morning as of the time I posted this), I got a phone call from my sweet hubby telling me his car died on him on his way home from work and could I come and get him. So we now have a car repair bill to look forward to.  Such is life.  Onto where I did save this week though...

~Saturday was my hubby's birthday and we had a BBQ here at the house.  Everyone brought something food wise to add to the feast and what a feast we had.  The dining room table was filled with burgers, brats, buns, a wonderful mixed green salad, a taste pasta salad, chips. 2 homemade chocolate cream pies, cheese, homegrown tomatoes, homegrown cucumbers, sliced thinly, watermelon, corn on the cob and all the fixings.  There were so many leftovers...I will not have to cook for a few days at least.
~My hubby was blessed with wonderful gifts!  He was given precious framed pictures that the grandboys had drawn, a gift card for the movie theater and a shotgun.  He will also be getting a gift card for a round of golf at his favorite golf course and our son Josh will also be taking him golfing when he is home on leave.
~Our son Chris and our grandsons enjoyed using our hot tub as did we.  I was hurting really badly all over and 2 soaks in the hot tub helped to ease it enough so that I could sleep.

~Sunday we had leftovers for lunch and dinner.
~We watched a movie on Sunday afternoon from our vast collection of dvds.
~Jeff changed the oil and filter on his car.

~Monday we had a family brunch at my cousin's house.  My Uncle Mo was in town and I had not seen him since I was a toddler.  We all had a great time getting caught up on each other's lives and learned a lot about each other. :)  My uncle also gave us copies of his CD.  He is a musician who does mostly folk type music.  What a sweet and very appreciated gift!

~I used coupons at the grocery store to bring down costs.  The young checker at Walmart was not happy with me at all when I made him aware that he had not used the coupons I gave him and asked him to please make things right.  He was not trained well at all and made things much harder than they should have been and took a long time to straighten it all out.  He also copped an attitude with me...not a good thing for him to do because I don't deal with that well and let him know that he was out of line with his comments.
~Tuesday it rained so I did not have to water the gardens.
~We had leftovers for lunch and dinner Tuesday night.
~My husband and I shared a .50 Frosty from Wendy's.
~We watched several shows online.
~I cashed in my points at Swagbucks for a $25 Walmart gift card and since it was my first gift card redeemed for the month I got it on sale and saved 300 points.

~I foraged a bunch of Italian Prune Plums and dehydrated them.
~I also foraged a perfect apple.
~Beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and lots of blackberries were harvested this week from the garden.

~More blackberries were frozen and a large cottage cheese container full (I reuse my containers) was taken to a picnic to share with my grandsons and our Heather on Friday.
~I finally got around to freezing all that corn I picked last week.  I filled up 4 large ziplock bags full. We also gave Heather a big bag full over the weekend. I already had 2 bags in the freezer.   We are set for corn on the cob for a very long time.

~I signed up for several free samples.  I love getting free samples in the mail, don't you?
~Leftovers were on the menu once more for dinner on Wednesday night.  I am finally beginning to be able to see the actual shelves in my refrigerator again.
~Youtube was again my "go to" to learn some new skills.  I am amazed at the sheer amount of wonderful people out there who share their knowledge so freely with others.
~Thursday I cut up and froze lots and lots of green onions from our garden.  These onions were planted from the bottom ends of onions that I had bought in the grocery section of the store last year.  They overwintered and spread.  I am hoping they will overwinter once again.  Fifty nine cents for 2 years worth of green onions is an great deal! ;)

~The mail brought some samples and a coupon from Emergen-C and a $5 gift card from the local building supply place as a nice birthday surprise for my hubby. :)
~With us trying to save for our upcoming short but sweet vacation, I printed off the $25 Walmart gift card that I redeemed my points at Swagbucks for.  I will use it to stock up on a few needed items.

~Pasta salad sounded really good for my picnic with Heather and the grandsons so I boiled up a small package of cheese tortellini and chopped up some veggies, seasoned those and added some Italian Salad dressing to the whole thing.  Cheap, quick, easy and I had everything I needed on hand.

~My hanai son Lee (affectionately known as son #4) and I had a nice chat online.  It was good to get caught up with him and hear 2 pieces of wonderful news!  Love that boy!
~Friday morning, while having coffee, I checked my Mypoints account and saw that I had enough points to cash in for a gift card there.  I ordered a $10 Texas Road House gift card to surprise my hubby with since that is his new favorite place to go out to eat. :)
~I foraged more of the Italian Prune Plums and some pears while on a walk Friday afternoon.

~The thrift stores that I went to yielded some great finds!  I love the Yellow Ware ceramic mixing bowls and found one for $4.72.  I also found some cookbooks by Katie Lee Joel (did you all know she is married to Billy Joel?  News to me.), along with a few others, a shirt for half price, a Starbucks mug and the first season of Fame on DVD.  My husband and I both loved that show as kids so it will be fun to rewatch it again.
~Friday's harvest from the garden was tomatoes, squash and 2 acorn of which looked like it was on steroids!

~I was really good about consistently working my points programs this week.
~There was a 2 day cereal sale at one of the local grocery stores.  My hubby stopped by and got cereal really cheap, a gallon of milk for $1.79 and bananas at .39 a pound.

   I hope your week was frugal and that you all are enjoying the weekend!  Be blessed!


  1. You had a super great week! I sure wish I had access to a plum tree. I just love them. We ate for several days off of our Labor Day BBQ. It was nice. Enjoy your week!

    1. Isn't it great to have leftovers to eat after a big BBQ? I hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. That's so interesting about the onions. I never knew that they would spread. Got to give that a try. Sounds like you had a wonderful, thrifty week!


    1. Hi Jane, mine doubled after I planted them. I love getting free food!

  3. The plums and pears are certainly a blessing. Sounds like you had a busy week. I hope the car repair is inexpensive. Have a great week!

    1. Hi Wendi, I hope the repair is not too bad either. I have been waiting to hear from our trusted mechanic. :) I hope you have a great week also.

  4. Sorry to hear about the car troubles, but glad it's been a good and frugal week, otherwise. Those foraged pears look delicious!

    1. Hi Bless :) It had been a good week and for that I am so thankful! Hopefully those savings will at least help offset whatever the cost of the car repair is.

  5. Good Afternoon Debbie,

    Sounds like a fun week with family. I love the previous post's photos of your adorable grandsons. They have the most terrific smiles.


    1. Thanks Mrs. B. :) We love spending time with them and are so blessed that thy live within a half an hour's drive.

  6. HI Debbie,

    I am so sorry about your Hubby's car repair. I just got done reading your entire post and I have to say " I am tired just thinking about all you did to save". You did great!

    You also have a beautiful family who look like they were enjoying themselves. They all look so happy!

    1. Thank you. :) Sadly the hubby's car died this past weekend after he made that repair but it's ok...I put it all into perspective. I am very blessed by my family


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