Wednesday, November 25, 2015

One of These Things is not Like the Other



    Both of these fur babies are total goofballs.  Both can be cuddle bugs.  Both can get themselves into trouble.  But one of these is not like the other and can be a whirling force and as destructive as a mini tornado.


   If you guessed Rufus, you are right.  See him winking at you...yep that's right, he is pretty darned proud of himself.  This guy has been know to attack innocent bananas, knock them on the floor, bat them around, bite and scratch them and then claim he was just "tenderizing them" for you.  Uh huh, that is his story.  The sponge from the kitchen sink mysteriously appears in the living room.  The kitchen table is "cleared off" of anything and everything.  Pencils, pens and nail files go missing and are later found between the couch cushions.  When asked, Rufus blames it on the dog.  Funny how we never had that issue before with the dog...he must have lost his mind once we got Rufus. ;)  Caesar lays quietly on the floor in our bedroom at night to sleep while Mr. Curious is constantly waking us by getting up on the headboard and knocking things off.  Squirting him with a bottle of water and vinegar to get him to stop has become a huge game to him.  Believe me, a lamp coming down on your head is not how you want to wake up suddenly.  All this has led to a certain fur baby of the feline persuasion being locked out of the bedroom at night.  And how does he respond?  By licking himself raw and bald, that's how!  So now said feline is being treated with some anti itch spray and if that does not work, then we go to the antiseptic spray.  It's a good thing he is cute, just saying. ;)


  1. Pets can be so much trouble, but we love them anyway.

    1. Yes we do! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Hello Mrs.Debbie,
    Your post made me laugh by reminding me of my dad's two little mischievous kittens. Fortunately, they are beginning to grow up and are leaning to be a little less destructive. They have been a terrific source of company for him as he is 70, lives alone and recently lost his canine companion of 14 years.
    Hope your Thanksgiving was blessed with an abundance of love, family and fellowship.

    1. Thank you Mrs. B. :) We adopted Rufus from the Humane Society and he had been through 2 failed adoptions before we got him (we are guessing at least in part to his energy, antics and his medical issues). I am seeing improvements behavior wise in some areas with him, but not in others yet. I'm not giving up on him though. This is his forever home now. :) I'm glad your Dad has gotten so much joy from his kittens and I am sorry he lost his dog.

      Be blessed!


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