Saturday, November 7, 2015

Making a Ham Stretch for Many Meals

Homemade Ham and Cheese Calzones

   Anyone who knows my sweet hubby also knows he is a ham freak.  That man could devour an entire ham in one meal if allowed to do so. ;)  It is his ultimate comfort food.  Knowing this, and wanting to bless him with many meals from that ham, we had "the talk".  Yes, "the talk".  It consisted of me telling him that although I know he loves his ham, I can make it so that he can enjoy it for longer IF he will limit himself to a reasonable serving (including seconds) at the first meal and then let me work my magic with it.  So this is how I stretched a smallish ham into many meals for the two of us.

Meal #1:  Sliced ham, chipotle mashed potatoes, applesauce
Meals #2, 3 and 4: I used the broth from the ham (I had cooked it in the crockpot) and made a big batch of split pea soup (again in the crockpot).  Meal #4 is being frozen to have later.
Meal #5: Ham sandwiches with sliced ham and pickles.
Meal #6: Made ham and celery salad and had that on bagels.
Meal #7: Using the rest of the ham salad and adding some cheese to make ham and cheese calzones (made with homemade pizza dough).  I would like to think I could get 2 meals out of this but my hubby has been working hard today on a remodeling project so I think he may finish them off in one meal.

   I love being able to stretch our budget and all that hammy goodness with the meal plan above.  When our boys were still living at home, I would do something similar with a larger ham.  I was feeding not only our family of 5, but lots of their friends as well, so I quickly learned to make things go a long way.


  1. Hey Debbie- my hubby LOVES ham also. I also make split pea soup with the bone and also added a black bean dish that I also added a ham bone.


  2. Linda, I would love to know how you make that black bean dish. :)

  3. Ingenious! You did an excellent job of making the ham stretch :)


    1. Thanks Rue! With all my medical bills I need to stretch everything as far as it can go. ;)

  4. Yum! I love ham, but my hubby does not. I could sneak it into soups, but that's about it. His family makes it every year for Christmas, and I just savor that wonderful ham. That one ham has to get me through a whole year, HAHA. I just wanted to add that I too loving stretching meals out and getting multiple meals out of one dinner. We are doing Thanksgiving this year, and I'm already planning all the things I'm going to make with leftover turkey! :-)

    1. I'm sorry your hubby does not like ham. We have been doing the huge extended family holiday meals where everyone brings something and I sure miss having all those leftovers. This Thanksgiving though I think we will just have a small Thanksgiving meal here since I am not up to spending all that time up and "on" yet. I'm looking forward to those leftovers too!


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