Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Recent Frugal Fashion Finds

Dooney and Bourke brown leather purse

I love yard sale season almost as much as I love thrift store shopping and this time of year I can combine both of them and find some amazing deals!  Every now and then I find a fantastic deal like the Dooney and Bourke brown leather purse that I recently thrifted for $3.99, and yes, it is authentic. :)   Don't you just love when you find something that you have been wanting for a long time but refused to pay retail prices for?  I know I sure do.

Tod's dark brown leather purse (not sure if this one is authentic but I love the style and the leather is buttery soft)

I am a self admitted purse addict, I just can't help myself!  I know my mother is rolling her eyes saying "How many purses do you need?". ;)  And she would be right, but still!  I scored the Tod's purse for $2.99.  Both purses were found at a local thrift store.  Some of the other purses I have found lately were actually from a huge .50 for each item, yard sale that I went to about a month ago.  I found so many wonderful bags there and left a lot of them behind.  However, I did come home with several cross body style purses by Nine West, Sak and a hand tooled leather bag in a deep teal color.  I also found some Summer type purses, wallets, photo holders and a cute little girl's bag that I will be giving to a friend.

Cobalt blue dress

It is wedding season and I was needing a few more more dresses for the 3 weddings that we have coming up.  I found the lovely cobalt blue dress at the thrift store for $3.47 and it was brand new with tags still attached.  I also found another brand new dress there with the most beautiful trumpet type skirt.  It is just so pretty and feminine.

Brand new dress, with tags attached

The dress above was a yard sale find.  A woman who owns a consignment shop was clearing out some of her overstock inventory that she had stored at her house in anticipation of a move.  I paid $5 for this gorgeous dress that she had bought when another formal wear store was going out of business.  I love the color and the fit of it.

LL Bean long winter coat

Now is the time to pick up winter coats and clothing.  If you shop off season, you can find some amazing deals like I did with the wonderfully soft and warm LL Bean coat that even has a hood.  I feel in love with this the minute I saw it.  It was another great score from the lady who owned the consignment store's yard sale.  Since it was the last day of the sale, she only charged me $1 for it.  The tag, from her her store, had it listed for $75, which is a fraction of the cost brand new.  This coat shows absolutely no wear so I don't think whomever was the original owner wore it much at all.  This will rank up there with one of my all time favorite finds.

Do you love to hunt for treasures at yard sales and thrift stores?  If so, now is the time to go.  The thrift stores in our area are filled with so many wonderful things that people have donated due to Spring Cleaning or, in our case, college letting out for the Summer and students donating.  Yard sales are in full swing and every weekend is a new adventure!
Happy hunting and I hope you will find some wonderful buys!


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