Wednesday, May 13, 2015

If It's Free, It's for Me!

I love finding a great deal on things and the best deal is FREE!!!!  In an effort to stretch the budget, I have been on the lookout for freebies and boy have I scored big time.  From online coupon codes, paper coupons and the college students moving out and leaving behind all kinds of things, we have been very blessed indeed. :)

Here are some of our free scores within the past 2 weeks:

~a 8x10 photo of my grandsons from Walgreens
~a 10k gold ring missing the center stone that I will sell for scrap gold and put the money in our vacation fund
~crafting supplies
~a jewelry box
~3 really nice coats that I will be giving away

~~6 bottles of shampoo and 4 deodorants (free after coupons)
~stationary and school supplies
~art supplies
~storage containers
~desk lamp
~a nice cooler

~a table with attached lamp (perfect since the grandchildren cannot knock over and break the lamp) ;)
~assorted grocery items
~fishing line
~assorted clothing items (some of which will be donated to a thrift store that benefits local people with disabilities)
~various plants

~a big wrought iron planter
~magazines that I have free subscriptions to
~samples for skin and hair care

I have also been going through my things here and purging things that we no longer need, use or fit.  Some of these things will be given away to friends that can use them and lots of it will be donated.  I love how when you trust in God to provide, He does so abundantly and beyond what you could have ever hoped for. :)


  1. Wonderful freebies. And yes God always provides doesn't He?

  2. Nice haul - and great sharing plans.

  3. Great finds, Debbie! I like that planter :)


    1. Rue, my hubby spotted that and grabbed it. I'm glad he did because I had totally missed it. :)


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