Friday, May 22, 2015


   I'm sitting here watching HGTV and drooling over the homes they are showing.  So far this afternoon I have seen "bargain" lakefront cabins ($230,000 was the bargain price of the cheapest one) and am now watching the log cabin show.  These poor people could not find anything they liked in their $900,000 budget, so they upped it to $1,300, 000.  Finally they are finding something that is up to their standards.  Granted, it is in Vail, CO but still.  
   We would both love to be able to live in some of these homes with their breath taking views, gourmet kitchens and even saunas in the bathroom (ok, me more than him when it comes to the sauna).  Living on a lake is our dream.  Who would not enjoy having a separate media room with reclining chairs, your own boat dock and/or having your own swimming pool?   Then reality smacks us in the face.  You would have to furnish these places, clean them and my goodness, can you imagine the mortgage payments on those million dollar and up homes?
   My cozy little home would never make the HGTV cut.  My furniture is a mix of great sales, gifts from family, thrift store and garage sale finds.  We do have 3 bedrooms and 1 3/4 bathrooms.  We have a hot tub that we really enjoy that is surrounded by a nice enclosed structure that my hubby built.  Our yard is a mix of food producing areas and room for the dog and grandkids to play. Our mortgage payment is low and allowed me to stay home and homeschool our children for many years. My handy hubby has remodeled our home and made it so much nicer.  This has been our home for almost 22 years now.  We raised our children here, welcomed our DIL's into our family here and our grandchildren enjoy spending the night with Grammie and G-Pa here.  This is our home and to be perfectly honest, I love it! 


  1. You have probably been watching the same shows that we have. I agree with everything you've said. We laugh at some of the people on those shows. I don't think they are every happy even when they find one they pick. We have to remember they are tv shows and yet I wonder what would truly make them happy. Great post!

    1. Carole, we laugh at them too. ;) In some ways I feel sorry for them because they are "working" to support the house payment. Heaven forbid one of them can't work anymore...they could lose it all.

  2. And as well you should! Everyone should love their own home.

    My honey and I love to make fun of those people. It's probably mean, but most of the time the things they want are ridiculous! I think house hunters is the worst offender. On the other spectrum... Have you seen the tiny house show? Those people are crazy! There was a family of six that went to live in a 300 square foot home. I'd shoot myself LOL

    Anyway, your garden looks great and I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


    1. Rue, I am so sorry it has taken me a month to reply. I just now saw your comment due to my NOT being very good about checking my blog lately. I love the whole idea of a tiny house, for a single person or couple who did not need a lot of personal space...but trying to fit a whole family in one...I'd be drinking...a lot. ;)


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