Friday, March 27, 2015

G-pa's Gravel Pile and His Big Helpers Isaiah and Bradley

Isaiah and Bradley came to help G-pa with a big job this afternoon.

They got here right in time to see the big dump truck full of gravel pull up.

They watched as the gravel truck emptied it's load of gravel into Grammie and G-pa's driveway.
Then it was time to get to work and load up the wheelbarrow with gravel.

After G-pa dumped several wheelbarrows full of gravel at one end of the driveway, Isaiah got to work spreading it out.

Bradley decided to help spread some gravel out the other way also.

Those boys worked hard and sure helped G-pa out.

Good thing these guys work cheap!  Grammie "paid" them in banana bread and some new Alvin and the Chipmonks DVDs. :)


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