Monday, January 12, 2015

You Could Be Grammie If....

To be read with your best Jeff Foxworthy impression:

You could be a Grammie if your kids are all grown and...

~you have a huge toy box full of toys in your living room

~you have replaced the pictures of your own children with pictures of the next generation

~you find yourself sharing the bathtub with rubber duckies and frogs

~your children's book collection keeps growing and growing and growing

~you keep a supply of bubbles, play dough, crayons, coloring books and sidewalk chalk on hand

~you are buying Handy Manny, Fireman Sam, Dora the Explorer or Diego dvds

~you find yourself playing hide and seek, constructing forts and building with Legos

~jumping in mud puddles, picking dandelions, and looking for ants are all part of the joy of taking a walk

~you see the world with new eyes

~your life is filled with "I love you", kisses, cuddles, all kinds of questions, love, laughter and overwhelming joy 

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