Monday, January 19, 2015

Found: The Perfect Herbal Peach Tea

I am a huge lover of good tea.  I enjoy seeking out new tea to try and some of them have become my favorites.  Fruit teas in particular are fun to try.  Over the years I have tried many peach teas and found them lacking in flavor or even strange tasting.  That was until I tried Bigelow's Perfect Peach Herbal Tea.

Bigelow's Perfect Peach Herbal Tea is delightful!  When you are steeping it, you are greeted with a beautiful light peach "perfume" that lets you know you are in for a real treat.  The flavor of this tea is light, refreshing, clean and peachy.  Some herbal teas are "dusty" in flavor, but not this one. Not only does it taste good but, for someone like me, it has other benefits. As someone who struggles with their weight, it provides a satisfying "sweet treat" without all the calories.  Each tea bag is also individually packaged so it stays fresh and makes it easy for me to take to work with me and brew a cup when needed. Since it is an herbal tea, it has no caffeine, which is an added bonus for those of us who struggle with insomnia.  I find it the perfect tea to unwind with at the end of the day or even as a mid day treat.  I'm now looking forward to trying some more of Bigelow's line of teas.

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