Friday, June 6, 2014

Tutu and Grandpa Came to Play!

My parents recently came for a visit.  What they thought would be a relaxing trip turned into anything but...

Thursday evening found us on a picnic up at Kamiak Butte where the view is great and there are fun paths to explore and a great playground area for the little ones.  It was a nice way to spend the early evening with family.

Chris sprained his ankle badly so my mother, father and I took him to the emergency room early on Friday morning.  That was not in the plans at all.  We went out to breakfast after that and the grandkids joined us there.  Tammy, their other wonderful Grandma brought them into town for us.

Saturday found us packing Jaysn and Rachel's apartment up and bringing the rest of their things out here to store in our garage until they closed on the home they are buying.  They moved in with us until they were able to pick up their keys yesterday.  That was the fastest closing I have ever seen or heard of in  my life and we are thrilled for them to be homeowners!  They worked hard to make it all happen. :)  Chris, Heather and the boys came over for a BBQ that evening.  Jaysn and Rachel were busy cleaning their apartment, so they did not make it in time for dinner.  Something to know about Tutu and Grandpa is that they always come bearing gifts and blessing us all!  That night we all got our birthday presents from them and as you can see, their great grandsons were especially pleased with their wonderful gifts!  Bradley kept saying "I love my moose, I love my moose!" and Isaiah was just doing his cute little happy wiggle that involves his whole body! :)

Thanks Mom and Dad for always being willing to pitch in with everything at any time.  We love you and we hope that when we come over there for a visit, we can help you out with projects that need doing as you have helped us!

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