Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Our Way

                  Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Today is the one day a year where the world goes a bit crazy professing their love for their significant other and men in particular feel the need to pull out all the stops. ;)  Don't get me wrong, I love getting flowers, candy, cookies, jewelry, etc. and I was blessed this morning with a huge heart shaped cookie (shortbread, yum!) and a hilarious card that just "fit" my hubby and my relationship.  It made me laugh out loud and I told Jeff it was the best Valentine's card that he has ever gotten me! :)

Now, I know my hubby well and I know what makes him feel special and appreciated.  I drew a huge heart on our whiteboard and wrote some of the things that I appreciate about him around the border.  I also made him his own batch of large peanut butter cookies...nothing speaks love to that man like cookies!  :D  I'm  going to make one of his favorite dinners and we will have a romantic dinner for two before he has to head out to work.

I know that our Valentine's Day may not sound exciting and super romantic to most people, but that is ok.  I don't need HUGE over the top gestures to know that my hubby loves and appreciates me.  We show each other every day in little ways how much we care.  He surprises me with flowers, donuts, my favorite candy bar, cleans the cat box (a job I despise), sets the coffee maker to automatically turn on in the morning since he knows I am NOT a morning person and would end up spilling coffee grounds all over the place, sets out my vitamins for me every night and always kisses me before he heads out the door to work.  I try to keep him supplied with homemade breads, rolls and cookies because I know how much he loves those things.  I leave fun notes in his lunch box to find at random times "just because", make sure I tell him how much I love and appreciate him, pick up treats for him at the store, do some of the jobs around the house that he is not fond of and will even make him tuna noodle casserole (just for him) because he loves it  (and I can't stand the stuff). ;)  And yes, we are one of those couples that still holds hands after nearly 29 years (next month) of marriage. Now that is true love!



  1. Your Valentine's Day sounds nice. Congratulations, too, a bit early on your 29th wedding anniversary, truly something to be proud of these days.


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