Saturday, September 28, 2013

Montana and Mom, Dad and Fritz...I Love You and Thanks!

Jeff and I just returned from a wonderful vacation in Montana where my parents spoiled us rotten. :)  It was so good to spend time with them, my brother and some of our hanai family.  Waking up to the view of the lake each morning can't be beat.  We did not make it to Glacier Park due to the weather but did manage to squeeze in lots of other things.  Jeff and I look forward to our time at the lake so much and are never disappointed...there is something so healing about being there and being surrounded by such beauty and enveloped in love by our family.  Thank you Mom, Dad and Fritz for everything...we love you all so much!

Sunrise on our way over.

Jeff relaxing on the boat.

Geese out swimming.

My amazing mother all bundled up on our way up the lake.

The water was so calm and clear.

Mom, enjoying the sun.

I love the granite face on this outcropping.

The park where we stopped for a bathroom break.

I loved the reflection in the water.

The cloud formations are so beautiful!

Geese in the shore of one of the small islands in the lake.

Low laying clouds on a rainy day.

A close up of the old tree where the bald eagles like to sit and watch for fish.

Kayaks waiting to be taken out.  Unfortunately the weather did not allow for us to go kayaking this time.

View from the porch.  I will never get tired of the beauty of this place.


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