Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bradley Meets Bears and Goes to the Fair

Bradley came to spend the afternoon with us and decided that his little tractor belonged in the house where he had more room to ride it than just on the porch.  How could we say no? 

I mean, just look at this cutie!

Bradley does an awesome chipmonk impression when he stuffs his cheeks full of cheese. :)

Just some of his toys here at Grammie and G-pa's house.  There are more in other rooms, outside and in the garage.  I would say he and Isaiah are not lacking for toys to play with here.  Bradley did help me clean up the Legos so we could head out on our adventure.

We stopped at the pet store to see the animals there, bought a football to play with and picked up some medication for Grammie and then went to see the bears!

Washington State University does research on bears.  They allow the public to come and see them.  Bradley kept saying "Hi Bear" to this guy who was out foraging for food.

It was a hot day and this bear decided to cool off in a big trough of water.  Bradley was fascinated with the bear who kept rolling around.

The bear kept playing with a pylon and eventually used it to splash all of us!  He looked pretty pleased with himself after that.  I could swear that I saw him smirking! ;)

He then headed out, soaking wet and cooled down, to do some foraging himself.

We met Chris and Heather for dinner and Bradley was very happy to see his little brother Isaiah.

Grammie just loves this little guy to bits and can't wait until he can come to play too!

Bradley is one very smart guy!  He managed to convince his Uncle Jaysn to carry him on his shoulders around the fair grounds.  He had a great view from up there and it sure beat the view from the stroller that Grammie had him corralled in. ;)  By the end of the evening Bradley was one very tired little guy. :)

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