Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm Going to Miss My Seniors

    Last night I helped judge the Senior Projects at the high school that I sub at.  I have watched, encouraged and helped these kids with their projects so that they would be ready for their big night of presentations.  I have been a judge in the past, but last night was special.  I learned something new about each of the kids who presented.  I got to know more about each of them as a person as they shared some things that they had learned about themselves in this process.  They all touched my heart and made me so proud of them!  I have seen them grow so much over the past year alone and it gives me hope for not only their futures but those of their entire generation.
   Upon reflection of last night, I realized how quickly graduation is coming up for these Seniors.  Every year I go to the graduation ceremony to see and celebrate as "my kids" reach this important milestone in their lives.  Each year, I sit in the stands and cry out of pride, happiness and also because I know how much I am going to miss each group of kids as they make their way out into the world.   Some of these kids I have known for their whole lives and others, I have just known for a short time, but all of them are so special.  Whether they realize it or not, they have all made a huge impact in my life and will forever be in my heart.  My prayer for them all is to have a good life and to be truly happy in whatever they choose to do in their future.  I look forward to seeing them accomplish their dreams!


  1. Awww,'re going to make me cry. To Sir With Love was always one of my favorite movies. Seniors moving find their way in life....

    1. Lisa, that is one of my favorite movies too. :) I used to watch it with my mom when I was little and now have a copy for myself. I can tell you that Sidney Portier is every bit of a gentleman in person as the role he plays of the teacher in the movie. :)


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