Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Visits from some of my Favorite People

 Bradley came for a visit last week for the afternoon and we had a great time.  The only problem was that his daddy (my son Chris) got off too early and came to take him back home. ;)  Looking at this picture I am amazed at how big Bradley is getting!  Slow down baby!!!  

I didn't get a picture of Heather when I went to pick Bradley up from her but I was really happy to have seen her too! ;)

Jaysn also came over this weekend to have a belated birthday dinner with us. :)  He also spent lots of time teaching his dad how to download music to the IPOD from the computer.  Thank you Jaysn!!!  That saved me hours of work trying to figure it out. ;)

Of course I am missing my son Josh and my DIL Jess who are  currently overseas.  Thank goodness for SKYPE or I would go nuts!  It really does help to be able to see and talk to them but I miss being able to give them hugs.  Hopefully we will get to share lots of those next Summer.

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