Friday, August 3, 2012

Making Life Easier in the Morning

 It is a well known fact among friends and family that I am NOT a morning person at all.  It takes me a good hour and at least one cup of coffee to wake up most mornings.  I also like to be alone during that time so that my brain can
 S L O W L Y start processing things.

I am also a visual person and I like to be able to see things laid out in front of me.  Getting dressed and finding the right jewelry was getting to be a huge pain with everything jumbled together in baskets and on trays.  I needed a better system.
While out thrifting earlier this week I came across this double sided hanging jewelry organizer.    It is perfect for me because I can see right through the pockets, things are not getting all tangled up and it does not require a whole lots of thinking in the morning for me. ;)
 I quickly got to work putting my bracelets and necklaces in the pockets totally ignoring the labels on the pockets.  It felt so good to be able to see everything and I rediscovered things that I had forgotten I had.  Bonus and kind of like Christmas!
 I love that it is double sided.  It gives me lots and lots of room to get things organized and where I can see them easily.  The fact that it has bigger pockets on the bottom was one of the things that drew me to it in the first place.  I have some long beaded necklaces that would not fit in the smaller pockets but fit great in the big ones.
 I also repurposed a beautiful old china dish to keep some of the earrings that I wear the most out where I can see them and easily grab them.  Hoops tend to be my "go to" earrings when I am in a huge hurry to get out the door.
The rest of my daily use type earring are in this jewelry box along with a few other items that would not fit in the hanging organizer.  My DIL Heather makes beautiful earrings for me that match many of my outfits and I keep them in here.

I can already tell that this "new to me" system is going to make the school year so much easier to get ready for in the rushed mornings.  I love having everything I need right at my fingertips!

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