Tuesday, April 2, 2024

My Oh My!


   I am beyond exhausted and just want to find a warm spot in the sun and take a nap!  So much has happened over the past few weeks, and I have felt like I was in either "push it to the max" or drowning mode.  We have had medical emergencies including a late night run into pick up Steven from the emergency room where Rachel was for the second time within a 24 hour period (it turned out to be a very nasty and painful stomach virus that mimic gallbladder trouble, she is fine now thankfully) and bring him home with us and then get him back into his town for school the next morning.  We have had horrible news about our car and how much it would cost to fix it.  The fix is more than the whole car is worth, so we had it towed home and decided we would contact a salvage company to come and get it.  Jeff and I have both been battling sinus issues and our backs have been really acting up but gardening season is upon us, so we could not let down.


   We finally decided to bite the bullet and start test driving cars.  The first two we test drove were not our favorites and Jeff did not even fit well in either with his long legs.  The salesmen there tried every high pressure gimmick they could though to get us to buy one of them though.  We walked away from them and their nefarious ways!  I saw a Subaru Forrester that I thought would work for us so we went down to see it and before we could even get the keys to test drive it, Jeff saw the Chevy Impala above.  Jeff was sold on it!  We took it for a test drive, they took our Ford Flex in for a trade in (and they are going to pay to have it towed), and we also put some money down, so our payments are around $200 a month.  That is more than doable, and we will be throwing extra money at the payments to pay it off early.


   I've been trying to stretch the money like I stretch a chicken!  Above its meals 4, 5 and 6 off a roasted chicken that I got from the Walmart deli that was marked down to $3.32.  The first two meals were chicken legs, thighs and one of the chicken breasts.  Oh, I also made a chicken salad for sandwiches, so that would be meal three.  I then took the remainder of the chicken and put it in a shallow crockpot along with some water and a little chicken seasoning and let that cook overnight.  That gave me a rich broth that I cooked the cheese tortellini in while I picked the chicken off the bones and put most of it back into the pot.  I did save some and put it in the freezer to add to some soup later.  I also made some udon soup with green onions from our garden and made Jeff some crispy chicken sandwiches for dinner another night.

   Jeff and I stripped out our strawberry bed in the side garden and since we had to cancel our trip to see my parents because of all the car issues, I put out a post on Facebook that I was looking for some ever bearing strawberry plants.  A dear friend said she had some and that I could have all that I wanted.  Upon our arrival at their home I was met with the cutest little dog who wanted nothing more than to love on us and at least 12 raised beds of various types of strawberry plants.  We got ever bearing for the side and are trying some June bearing in the front around the bird bath.  Luckily Jeff had our side garden bed ready for the plants and he was I both worked on getting them in after I got dinner started.  We had a 30 minute window to get them planted and watered in while dinner cooked and we just made it!  We were both really sore with our backs aching and mine having locked up to the point where Jeff had to help me stand, but we did it and hopefully will be rewarded with at least a small crop of strawberries this year.  I am dreaming of more fresh strawberry topping for pancakes, waffles and Angel food cakes. 

   That is about it for now, I need to get the taxes all signed, copied and sent off in the morning after having finished them today.  I have a feeling that today was a rough day for Jeff at work and I did not want him to have to help me again with them tonight.  Anyone else think doing taxes is a real pain? 


  1. Oh my --- I'm so sorry you had to postpone/cancel your trip to your parents. But, how great that your found the new-to-you car that you did. I'm dreading the day my car kicks up its heels for the last time. It's a 2005 but has so little miles on it , I'm hoping that day will be far into the future.

    Yea for strawberries!! I miss my gardens from up north for the strawberries, rhubarb and asparagus I had established. I had both June bearing in one garden and ever bearing in another. They were prolific and so easy to care for.

    Great to hear from you. Sending hugs and prayers for your health and your family. Cheers, SJ now in California

  2. Nice looking vehicle. I had my taxes completed yesterday and will be mailing this week. I did pretty good.
    Take care of yourselves.

  3. It used to be fun to make a car purchase. Now it’s so expensive and not fun. Glad you were able to find one that works with your budget.

  4. Meant to answer your question about taxes. I bite the bullet and pay for turbotax every year. Just the cheapest version they offer and I find it's very easy to use for me. The software just keeps asking questions and I put in the answers. When done, I have the choice to print and mail (my preferred) or send it electronically. SJ now in California

  5. Awww, kitty in the window! Is there anything cuter?
    Both your soups look super delicious!
    Congrats on your replacement car. I hope it serves you well for many, many miles It looks very nice and well-kept.
    Taxes? Oh no, not me. I can barely get 2+2 to add up most days...

  6. Sounds like you've been really busy! Glad that Rachel is doing OK; that must have been really scary! Glad you have a new to you car and the payments are manageable. Yum! Strawberries!


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