Saturday, September 30, 2023

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 9/22/2023

    This is a week late, but I thought I would post it anyway.  This past week has been a busy one for me and I have not been good about documenting things. So here is what I did the previous week to save money.  Be blessed my friends and I hope you all have a great weekend.

~Jeff's workplace had a BBQ on Friday.  His bosses bagged up the leftovers and told people to take some home.  Jeff brought home Brats, 4 huge cookies and some chips Friday night.  Saturday he brought home more brats, some macaroni salad and some hamburgers.  That has really helped out with the budget.

~While looking for one of my extra water bath canners to give to Heather, I found a box of brand-new quart sized wide mouth canning jars.  I needed 2 of them for the sourdough starter that Heather gave me.

~Heather not only gave me some sourdough starter, but she also bought me a kitchen scale to weight out the ingredient to keep the sourdough starter fed.

~I found some double ended color dry erase markers at Goodwill.  It has made my whiteboard "lists" so much more fun to write.

~Saturday was the big family birthday party for Jeff and Heather.  Rachel made 2 desserts and 2 crockpots full of lasagna.  Heather brought some of her delicious homemade garlic bread and I brought a Caesar's salad.  I gave the oldest 3 grandboys their matching shorts and they all quickly changed into them.  Jaysn and Rachel recently got 2 kittens, so I was able to cuddle with those precious kitties.  It was all absolutely wonderful!

~We all went to the fair and looked at the exhibits. I now really want one of those giant rabbits!  LOL!

~Sunday and Monday were major fibromyalgia flare days for me, so naps were much needed and taken.  After a big weekend and finally letting go of some emotional baggage, it honestly was not a surprise at all.  I tend to do soon as I am able to let down, I have a flare.  I have always been this way.

~Monday I made a big pot of hearty chicken noodle soup with lemon, garlic and herbs from the garden.  It was incredibly delicious!

~Jeff picked up my prescription for me from Walmart so that I did not need to make a separate trip in.

~Jeff also picked up some cheese that was on sale at Safeway.

~I made sourdough discard buttery crackers and 2 loaves of sourdough sandwich bread.

~Scrapple was on the menu once more.  I used less sausage meat than was called for since I am trying to cut back on meat portions in an effort to save money.  This made for two meals for Jeff and I.

~Tomatoes, squash, beans and blackberries were all harvested multiple times during the week.

~Safeway coupons were uploaded to my Safeway card.

~Using a Walmart gift card, I was able to order new silicone spatulas (I was getting low on them again), some silicone baking mats, and some medical things that we needed.  I ended up paying $13.88 out of pocket.

~I cut back my sage bush and have the branches full of leaves bundled and hung up drying.

~Thursday, I spent the afternoon snapping beans, blanching and then freezing them.  Judging by what I am seeing outside in the bean patch, I will be repeating this again very soon.

~Jeff took our truck to work on Friday and brought home a ton of wood pellets for our pellet stove.  He was able to get them from work at a good price.  Chris and the boys will be coming over Saturday to help unload them.


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    1. thank you and I pray that you are taking good care of yourself also.

  2. Nice to see your post and hear about your week. I too crash after what's a big event for me. Worth it though! I'm still into my afternoon nap routine which I started with the hot weather. Some days I read, some days i take a full sleep nap. I'm now able to stay up later --- almost 8pm last night which feels great. Pupygirl turned two last week - where does the time go.
    hugs and prayers - SJ now in California

    1. Naps are wonderful things! I can't believe puppygirl is now two!

  3. Sounds like a good week, Debbie. I always enjoy reading about your week and all the things you do to stay frugal.

  4. If and when you have the energy/interest -- could you post the reciepe for making crackers using the sourdough castoff? And also explain why she weighs the flour on a scale. I just do mine by sight and 'feel' which can be hit and miss. would love something more accurate.. Also --- I grew a GF sourdough starter so I can bake for friends who are GF.
    cheers. SJ now in California

    1. here is the link for the crackers that I made. Heather uses a scale because that way she can weigh each item out so that the starter, the warm water and the flour are all the same weight. Her best friend taught her this method and it has worked wonderfully for her, her mother and now me. I hope it works as well for you.

    2. Sorry, the link did not work that way. Here is the direct link to it.

  5. Thank you for your very kind words. It has taken a long time to get to this point and not let "the others" as we refer to the destructive people, have any type of input into our lives. All that matters is the ones that we love and love us in return. Jeff and I are truly blessed to have such a close knit family.


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