Saturday, December 10, 2022

Frugal Friday 12/9/22


   We've had snow this week and I am so grateful that Jeff and I did our big shopping trip over the weekend.  We did notice some things that we use on a regular basis that were missing from the store.  We asked the guy working in the bulk food section of the had any tortellini and he said it was the weirdest thing, but they could not get it from anywhere.  Boy am I glad that I have been trying my best to pick some up every time we go.  The hot cocoa mix was also out, and they did not know when it would be back in stock.  Are you noticing any shortages or missing items in your area?


~We shopped at Goodwill for a few things and used a 20% off coupon on one item each and also got 50% off an additional item since it was their 83rd anniversary.  Jeff got some warm wool socks (new) and some kind of exercise equipment. I got a full place setting of the Winterberry pattern dishes that I love so much, a cute insulated cup, a gorgeous led crystal piece of art, a package of new underwear (again, new and never opened package), and a beautiful pewter votive candle holder.

~I spent a full day doing laundry and getting that caught up from our trip.  I do not use a full capful of laundry detergent because you really do not need that much to clean your clothing.

~Jeff and I did the Winco shopping and got stocked up on things that we needed.  I then entered a picture of my receipt at Swagbucks to get some addition points. By this time the snow was coming on hard so we headed home.

~Jeff got out the Christmas tree for me and the ornaments and wall decorations.  I wrapped additional colored lights around the tree and then worked on the wall decor.  I was really sore after all of that so I stopped decorating for the evening.

~I dehydrated 2 packaged of frozen mixed veggies.  I now have a lot to use in soups, stews, pot pies, etc..


~I finished decorating the tree.

~I found a blanket to use under the tree as a tree skirt.

~I found another Christmas themed fleece throw and got that put in the wash so we could use it.

~My father had given each of us a wreath with a candle holder.  I put mine outside near our front door.

~Jeff finished the rest of the shopping that we did not get to over the weekend.  He shopped the sale items at Safeway and then headed over to the Dollar Tree to pick up some things on my list there.

~Pizzas were on sale at Safeway so we cooked two of those up for dinner.  They were the thin crust kind (that was all they had left).  We put two away in the freezer.


~I made 2 loaves of bread.

~While the bread was baking I worked on the pork rib steaks that Jeff got at Safeway on sale.  Two of them (they were huge) went into my crockpot along with some seasonings, a can of cream of mushroom soup and 3 red potatoes that I sliced up.

~I froze 3 packages of 2 each of the rest of the pork rib steaks for future meals.  I am trying to stock my freezer with sale priced meats.  We usually get a lot of our meat from Chris and Heather, but the hunting has not been as good this year.  The deer that they were going to give to us, they gave to their friends who were going through some rough times financially. Of course we fully supported them in doing that because we have been there before ourselves and they have 4 children to feed.  I don't want anyone to ever go through what we did.

~I watched some trash TV.  LOL!  Yes I find that relaxing.


~This was mostly a day of rest for me.  I have been pushing myself way too hard trying to get the Christmas decorations up so that we can enjoy them for as long as possible.

~I was able to order 10 more free covid tests to be delivered to our home.  The flu, covid and RSV are hitting our area hard.  The city schools in Moscow, Idaho, where my grandson Steven goes to school, had 33% of their students and staff out sick.  I want us to all have access to home tests so we can tell if it is covid or something else if/when we get sick.

~We did breakfast for dinner.  I made my own version of McDonald's Egg McMuffins with cheese and served them with canned pears.  I sizzled up some shaved ham, had some sliced cheese and fried up 2 eggs for Jeff's sandwiches (I don't like eggs).  It was really good and made my hubby a very happy man!

~One of the representatives of a company that supplies products to the store Jeff works at brought in hats for everyone.  They are really cool looking too!  I may just have to steal the hat from Jeff. 😉

~My Uncle Gary and his wife April sent us a box of Esther Price candy for Christmas.  It is soooooo good!


~Apparently, I was more tired than I thought after our trip.  I took a 2 hour nap in the morning and it felt so good!

~Still dealing with the health insurance company rejecting authorization for an echocardiogram.  I will be changing health insurance again in January and we will have to start this whole process over.  The cardiologist office and I are forming a plan to hopefully get things taken care of and the right information needed onto the preauthorization paperwork this time.

~I keep Christmas music playing in the house via YouTube.  They have a lovely selection to choose from.


~I watched some YouTube videos about frugal Christmas appetizers to make.  I needed some new ideas.

~My cousin Jeremy and I had a lovely phone visit.  We all really miss him up this way.

~Heather and I are swapping the days when we each take Steven while he is on Christmas break from school.  His school actually shut down today because so much of the staff and students are out ill.

~I made a large pan of homemade Salsbury Steak and gravy.  I used some elk burger that we had in our freezer, some spices, onions, and made a quick beef gravy (from packets) to pour over it and bake in the oven.  I threw in a large acorn squash in another pan to also bake along with the steaks.  I also made a large pot of rice.  Some of the rice will be used for this meal and the rest will be used in future meals. 

   As our temperatures are expected to plumet this coming week and I trying to come up with a menu plan that is filling and comforting.  I am so glad that I have so many cookbooks here at home to browse through.  I think I many also dig out a quilt to have on the couch to cuddle under since I am not sure if just a thinnish fleece blanket will be up to the job.  It seems like it will be the perfect time to snuggle in and read.  Be blessed all!


  1. Sounds like a busy week! The Christmas tree looks lovely! Stay warm with plenty of quilts and blankets to snuggle under!

  2. wow! busy, busy! Where were you able to get the free covid tests? I haven't found them for free! Thanks!

    1. I found them online after doing a search for free covid tests.

  3. Busy, busy gal. The tree is lovely. I still have the last 2 batches of free Covid tests the govt. offered.
    Stay safe - sounds like your area will see a lot of snow. Have a great week.

    1. I'm glad you still have those tests. Covid is once again making the rounds unfortunately. I am just praying that we can all be healthy for Christmas. (((((HUGS)))))

  4. Very grateful that you were up to writing this post. And I love all your thrift store finds. And that tree!! So festive.

    I've been in crash mode pretty much the last month. Every time I seem to 'peak' out of it, I do too much. And too much is 'just' laundry, dishes, cooking and the like. Sigh. But....drum roll...I've accomplished a lot of needed tasks related to my move. Driver's license, car license including dealing with customs (ick, and totally my uninformed self got me into the sitution). and finally, enrolled in medicare and related secondary insurance. So much to figure out, it was really draining.

    Best thing- I found a commodity distribution that I can go to every two weeks and have been amazed at what I'm coming home with. What a blessing. Not noticing shortages in the stores but I've just been shopping in the small local grocery store.

    Take good care of yourself. SJ now in California

    1. ((((((HUGS))))) and I think you have gotten an amazing amount of stuff done! Great news on the distribution site news...what a blessing. :) Now my sweet friend it is time for you to relax a bit and enjoy this amazing season. Much love to you!

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  6. Love your thrift store finds! And your tree is beautiful!



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