Friday, June 17, 2022

I'm Sorry...Lots Going On Here


   I'm sorry that I have been MIA.  There has been a lot going on here.  Some of it wonderful, but a lot of it has not been exactly uplifting.  Some of it has been extremely heavy on my heart and has taken a toll on me.  

   Heather's grandfather, Carl, who was a wonderful man, died yesterday morning. 😭  He is no longer in pain and we know he is in heaven, but our hearts are breaking for his wife and Heather's family.  Isaiah took it well saying that Grandpa Carl was no longer in pain and is now in heaven, but Bradley took it really hard.  For the rest of the family, it is just starting to sink in that he is really gone.  We loved Carl and he loved us.  He gave the best bear hugs and I will miss him so very much.

   A childhood friend is still in the ICU with congestive heart failure and tumors, which they do not know if they are cancerous or not.  Her heart is too weak for them to operate to find out.  She is in limbo and searching for "home".  Another friend and I have been working on trying to show her Christ's love and lead her to him.  We fear that she is not much longer of this earth.

   Yesterday we also found out some more devastating news, which I am not at liberty to share at the moment.  Please pray for us as we navigate the choppy waters of all of that also.  I'm going to trust my husband's discernment and follow his lead on how to deal with all of it.

   I'm still waiting to be able to talk to my sister in Tahiti to get a real update on how she is doing.  She said we would do a facetime call once she got home from the hospital.  Since we have not and she has not been online much, all I can do is assume that she is still in the hospital.  I have messaged her and told her we need to talk and that I love and miss her.

   So yes, there is a lot going on here.  If it was not for our family and the time we spend with them, I would be a total wreak.  As it is, my anxiety is super high at the moment, so those times with the grandkids is what keeps me sane.

   I'll try to be back posting when my heart blessed all.



  1. My goodness you are really getting hit hard and I am sorry for your loss but thankful Grandpa Carl is in Heaven. Sorry for your friend who is in the hospital. I do pray you can share the good news with her. I hope you hear from your sister soon. That is so much on your plate. I've had times like that - not fun at all.

    Try and relax and not carry all the burdens on your shoulders.

    God Bless and prayers

  2. Know that you just went to the top of my prayer list. And sending hugs. Don't worry about posting -- I'm sure those of us who are regulars will be waiting with open arms when you return.
    SJ in Vancouver BC Canad

  3. You do have a lot going on; sending you prayers and well wishes as you deal with it all. Take care of yourself.

  4. Sending hugs and good wishes!



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