Friday, September 24, 2021

Preparing for the Winter Ahead


   I realize that we are just inching into Fall, but I have been trying to think ahead to Winter and making sure that I am as prepared as I can be.  The Winter weather forecast for my area is calling for higher than normal precipitation levels with our "normal" for the most part temperatures.  This translates into snow...lots and lots of snow.

   I live in a very rural small farming community and our power does go down due to heavy snow taking down trees that fall onto power lines or ice on the power lines.  We also get snowed in with the roads shutting down.  Jeff and I both understand that this is just a part of being able to live in our beautiful little town where life is slower...just the way we like it.  However, it does present some problems so this is what we have done to prepare for this Winter so far:

~We have a generator that we bought last year.  This will be used to run the pellet stove to keep us warm and also to keep the freezers going so they don't thaw out.  I still need to get the fuel bought for the generator and Jeff needs to show me how to hook it up and use it so I can do that myself if he is not home and power is out for an extended period of time.

~Jeff will have a winter weather overnight and safety bag with him.  This way if he is stuck in town near his job, he can just head to Jaysn and Rachel's house that is only 4 miles from his work.  They have a guest room he can use and Steven will be thrilled to have his G-pa spend the night.

~Jeff will also have emergency supplies in his car in case he gets stuck on the side of the road.  Thick socks, coveralls, a flashlight, food, water, a nice wool hat and gloves will be in his car in a "to go" bag.  This way if he takes the truck or my car to work instead, he will have them with him.

~We got new all season tires on my car, his car and the truck already has great tires on it.  Jeff has had most of the work done on his car now that needs to be done.

~We have a propane grill and a full propane tank so I can cook outside if needed.

~Most of my prescriptions are filled with a 3 month supply and I can get them and the other ones mailed to me if needed.

~We have a nice pantry but I do need to buy more water.  That is the only thing we are low on.  If the power goes down for an extended time, our town's water supply will go down too because the pumps will not work.

~We make sure that we have lots of food for the fur babies on hand.  They are part of the family and I want them to be safe, happy and well fed.

~Jeff and I both have lots of winter weather type clothing, so we are good to go there.

~We also have lots of blankets to cuddle under.  Jeff had wanted me to get rid of some, but I said no.  If we have the grandkids here and the power goes out, I need to make sure that there are enough blankets for everyone to have multiple layers.  I also keep extra hats and gloves on hand for them too.

~We have car chargers so we can keep our cell phones charged up if the power is out in the house.

~Jeff is buying a snow blower from work to make keeping the driveway cleared easier.  It is something that we have been wanting to add for years.

~There is a good stash of candles and batteries for our flashlights in hand here.  You have to have light with the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer.

~I do need to buy more baby wipes and dry shampoo in case we have no power.  No power means no hot water, but we still need to keep clean.  

~When I hear that a storm is coming our way, I make sure to bake up lots of bread, muffins and things like that.  I want easy and quick things that do not need to be cooked on hand.

~I will fully admit that I do get bored easily, so I have lots of books, movies (if the power is still on) to watch, and games here at home to play.

~My HBA items are stocked up and I will just pick up a few more to replace what I will use this Fall before the snows come.

~We got the feather bed into the dry cleaners and once it is home it will go on the guest bed.  It really keeps me warm and I love to sink into it.  I also need to dig out my feather comforter and get that put in a duvet cover.  I tell you, between the two of those things, it is sheer bliss to go to sleep in that bed.


  1. Reading your post makes me want to be better ready for Winter when she comes. We never know here in Kansas.

  2. I saw your photo and was like 'oh no, it can't be snowing at her house'...LOL.
    I have snow tires ordered and scheduled to be put on Oct 1st - the first day they're legal here. I love my mechanics - three brothers who took over their Dad's shop. Their parking lot is usually full of trade vans and trucks. My kind of guys.

    The down side of my apartment is no wood/pellet stove or fireplace. My two rentals in WA state both had fireplaces along with the electric baseboard heaters. So I just have lots of blankets and hats. I do have a MrBuddy little heater that in theory would work for a really cold extended outage. But then there's also the community room here with a fireplace.

    I did manage to go through my flashlights last week when a huge windstorm came through. I need to watch for a good sale since most of my stash of batteries is now a few years old.

    I'm sort of ready to hybernate for a little bit. Like you, I'd miss the tv and internet. But I have lots of books and other things to keep me busy.

    And, LOL LOL, me writing a blog - but thanks for your encouragement. It could happen, but not soon.
    SJ in Vancouver BC

  3. I really like how you prepare for winter, Debbie. I realize that you need to do that. We don't experience winter quite as much as you do, but, I prepare for earthquakes and power outages. That includes having some flashlights and extra batteries for them, plus several gallons of drinking water, extra cat food, litter box sand, etc. I don't have an alternate source of heat if the electricity goes off (my fireplace can't be used until I get the chimney checked out and a missing piece put on top), but, I do have lots of quilts and blankets, if needed!

  4. Sounds like you have a great plan. Good for you.
    I am about as ready as can be - don't worry much about keeping a lot in the car except extra gloves, socks and hats and a small shovel. If I break down I live where there is always someplace to go in.

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