Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Family Genes Run Strong!

Uncle Ronnie, Grandpa Duerr, Uncle Gary and my father, Fred Duerr

My father, Fred Duerr, holding up a baby quilt my mother made for the first great grandchild of a good friend.

   The pictures above just amaze me.  The top picture is of my father, his brothers and my grandfather many years ago.  My grandfather passed away years ago and my Uncle Ronnie passed away within the past few years.  That only leaves my Uncle Gary, who is the youngest brother, and my father, who is the oldest brother.  The bottom picture is one taken within the past week of my father.  I did a double take when I first saw it...he looks exactly like his father, my grandfather, did!  My mother agrees!

   This is the one of the many times we have seen how strong the family genes are and how they continue down through the family.  The artist Albrecht Duerer is one of our relatives and there is a picture of him that also made our jaws drop as one of my brothers looks just like him.  So many generations between them, and yet there is no mistaking that they are definitely related.  My mother looked just like her grandmother did as a child. I have a large picture of my Tutu (great grandmother) as a child and every time I look at it I see my mother.  

   We are seeing the same thing in our grandsons.  We can see the family genes coming through strong in Steven and Tate, who look like their daddies did at the same ages.  I can't wait to show Lauren the pictures of Josh as a baby and have her see what I am seeing!  I will get that chance tomorrow and I can't wait!



  1. My dad's 1/2 brother was Max Von Sydow. He looks exactly like my dad, I could never watch his movies after dad passed because of the resemblance. Even his feet were identical.

    1.'s uncanny how much of a role genetics plays isn't it?

  2. It is amazing how it works. I have a nephew who is a double to my dad. I am definitely my mother's child. There is a trait on my dad's side of a little button nose and soooooo many of their grandkids and great grandkids have it!


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