Wednesday, October 28, 2020

It's Made it's Way to my Tiny Town...Covid-19 is Here


    Well, it's official.  This nasty virus has hit our small farming town.  I knew it was just a matter of time. 😔 

   I had seen a post the other day from the health department saying we had a case in our town and I prayed it was not at our assisted living care facility.  Today I found out there were multiple cases there,  but so far everyone is having mild symptoms and I pray they stay that way since the more serious symptoms seem to hit on day 7 or 8 from what I can tell.  

   I checked in with a friend who is going to be starting chemo later this week to see how she was doing and she let me know that there were actually 14 cases now in our tiny farming town.  Some were at the assisted living care center and others are dispersed throughout the community with a few in the apartment building that she lives in.  😟  The last thing that my sweet friend needs is to be exposed to this while she battles stage 4 lung cancer.  This dear friend wanted to let me know so that I could protect myself from it also.  

   I then got a message from someone else sharing a alert that went out in the town where two of my kids work that they are thinking they may have to shut the town down because cases and hospitalizations are ramping up there, as are the deaths.  This honestly is very worrisome since covid-19 hospital beds are in short supply all around us for the most part also.  Some people are already be shuffled from one hospital to another and they are talking about having to send some to Portland or Seattle soon if this continues.

   Jeff had to go to the doctor today for a sinus infection and thank God there was a pharmacy right across from the office in that small town.  He did not have to go to Pullman and they had no concerns that he might have this virus, which was a huge relief to us both.  We did have a sit down talk about how we had to take care of some last minute things and then hunker down for awhile (other than him going to work).  

   He dropped off our ballots at a drop box at the courthouse on his way to work tonight and put in an order with his boss for more wood pellets for our stove.  Those will be there next week and he will get them then.  Luckily I had ordered more cat food, kitty litter and a large amount of toilet paper that day before.  It will also be here early next week.  The pantry is organized now and Chris gave us some more venison, so the freezers are almost fully stocked. We will be doing our towns commodity thing tomorrow and that will bring in more food and should top off the freezers.  I've got a medium sized pork roast going in the crockpot now, which should give us several meals at least and have everything else needed to go with it.  We will not be hurting food wise at all and we thankfully have enough to help out others as well if needed.  

   As much as I love using our library, I think I will put that on hold for a bit now too.  I have some things here we will enjoy and then, once returned, I won't be placing more holds or requests for books or movies.  I did download some more free channels on our Roku and we have tons of movies and books here to keep me busy for a very long time.  As the weather and my health cooperates, I'll still try to get out for walks in the fresh air.  If not, I'll spend some time outside on our back porch and enjoy the fresh air, or relax in the hot tub with Jeff.

   I think in the depths of my heart, I knew this was coming and I tried to prepare the best I could for it.  My heart goes out to all those who are struggling with this right now and for those who are isolated and alone.  I am so thankful that I have my Jeff here with me.  I could not cope without him.


  1. You take care of yourself, Debbie. Be safe and well.

  2. My best friend's brother has it. During just the first week he lost 15 lbs. It has been at least 4 weeks and he is still sick with it, but has, so far, been able to stay home and not have to go into the hospital.

    There are more people infected with Covid in my area every week. My husband does the grocery shopping, and I very rarely go out, except for a doctor appointment that I had to go to his office for, otherwise my doctors all do televideo visits. So much better than going to doctor offices.

    Stay safe, well, and cozy.

    Susie D.

  3. I am sorry. Glad you are prepared and able to stay home. Hope your family stays well too.

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  5. Yes, Idaho is in deep trouble and getting worse. Surrounding states have already said they will not accept transfer patients!

    For the life of me, I do not understand why so many Idahoans disbelieve science. And I shall stop right there. I'm exhausted with educating those who tell me I'm an idiot. (RN with significant Infection Prevention expertise). Sigh........

  6. You've got this. Thank the Lord for the venison and full freezers and your pantry. You're farther ahead then most.

    Our health officer in BC says 'It's not forever but it is for now'. I find those words comforting.

    Our numbers are rising. I'm still going to the library and feel safe with their protocols. I do bring things home to 'sit' for a few days. And of course, wash my hands a lot.

    The isolation is hard. But no worse then other aspects of life with CFS. And some things are easier for me - video appointments with my doctor and therapist, free deliveries from the pharmacy. I'm in love with all the grocery delivery people!

    I also just ordered some new jigsaw puzzles which are here.

    Sending hugs and prayers
    SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

  7. We have an upsurge here also, I have a sore throat, but likely from my Shogren's which has been flaring. Stay safe.

  8. Must be happening in the more rural areas. I live in a rural county in Northern California and we did so good for so long and then mid-sept it blew up. My son works at a care facility and they lost many elderly people. Our county has closed down once again like we did in the beginning. I'm hearing the remote rural areas are starting to get hit hard.

    Stay safe.

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