Saturday, May 19, 2018

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 5/12-5/18 2018


   Please forgive me if you find typos in this post.  I am going on about an hour of sleep today.  I had all the grandboys up here early this morning while Heather, her mother Tammy, Jaysn and Rachel all ran in the Color Fun Run here for our town's celebration.  The little boys were so good helping me take care of Steven.  It's Steven's first birthday today also!!!  I can't believe that baby is 1 year old already!🎈🎈🎈  Our water heater went out early this morning so Jeff took a cold shower when he got home very early this morning after I had been asleep for about an hour. He could not get warm after that so I was up with him.  I ran down and took a shower at Jaysn and Rachel's at about 7:00 a.m.. and got home right in time for the little boys to get here.

~Saturday Jeff and I stayed home and he worked on the getting the side garden finished off so I could get things seeded in.  While doing this we found lots of volunteer kale, sunflowers and dill.  Free food!
~We gave a flat of strawberry plants from our garden to our neighbors.
~Rachel came up and helped me get the lettuces, swiss chard, collards, and cabbages all seeded in.
~I made a huge pasta and veggie salad for our family Mother's Day and Jeremy's birthday celebration the next day.

~Jeff and I used the hot tub that night.
~Sunday Jeff and I used the hot tub during the day when the water's temperature was a 90F.  It felt good on a hot day but still helped relax our muscles.
~Later that afternoon the family all arrived and we had a feast with everyone contributing something.  Jaysn and Rachel brought hamburgers and hot dogs (which Jeff grilled up) and buns, Heather brought two delicious desserts, Jeremy brought pickles, multiples bags of different kinds of chips, pineapple and watermelon, I did the pasta salad, juices, iced tea and the condiments for the burgers and hot dogs.
~There was tons of food leftover and most of it was left with us.  We sent some home with Jaysn and Rachel later in the week.
~My gifts and cards from the kids were just lovely.  Rachel and Jaysn got me an orchid lei (made me cry because it is part of the culture that I grew up in) and Heather, Chris and the boys gave me a beautiful framed picture of their family (I had been wanting one).  Josh sent me two sentimental that made me cry and the other was hilarious!  Jeff gave me the sweetest card and had already gotten me my fuchsias.

~We took a short walk down to the park so the big boys (yes, the men) could play basketball.  We had to leave early though since someone was using Round UP and that set off my allergies big time.
~Our neighbors, who I gave the strawberry plants to, gave us 4 basil plants and 3 sage plants.  I sent a basil plant home with Heather and another with Jeremy.  Rachel and I have our's here along with the sage plants.  I thought it was so sweet of her to share with us.
~Monday we had leftovers for dinner.
~I went to the library and borrowed 2 movies..."Justice League" and "Paddington 2".
~Lots of laundry was washed and hung out on the line to dry.
~Jeff finished cleaning out the front garden of all the thistles so that I could get that planted later in the week.
~I made 2 loaves of bread.
~Steven saw Grammie go by in the car from his window and got really sad when I did not stop so I went down to see him later in the day and fed him while his daddy got something to eat.  Rachel, who had a bible study class, came home a bit later and we had a nice time together before I headed back home.
~Jaysn and I looked up how to recharge the freon in his car on YouTube.  Unfortunately, the filler kit valve we had was defective so it did not work right when we tried to do it.
~It has been getting really hot here over the weekend and at the first part of the week so I have been trying to get the cold air in at night and the early morning hours and then close up the house during the hottest part of the day.  Jeff did not have the Swamp cooler ready to go so we relied on fans until he was finally able to get to it.  He has been super busy trying to get the gardens ready for me lately.  Love that man of mine!

~Tuesday was a stay at home morning for me and a hot one.  I decided that I would put off cooking up huge batches of shoyu chicken until the next day when it would be much cooler.  I took the opportunity instead to try and get caught up on some things online and greatly enjoyed seeing what many of my online friends were keeping busy with also.
~Around noon I realized that I had not eaten anything so I fixed myself a bowl of cottage cheese and some of the leftover fresh pineapple from Mother's day....YUM!
~Jeff and I headed into town to drop off some donations at the Goodwill.  They give you a 20% coupon off one item with your donation.  Jeff found a surge protector power strip that was all fancy like so he got that and used the coupon in it.  I found a slide out lid organizer to help corral all the lids to my Pyrex containers.  We also found a mug from the college that my parents went to.  The last items I found were all on the half price color tag sale and I was thrilled!  I had been wanting to pick up the dvds of the show "Family Affair" that I watched as a young child with my mother.  They had seasons 1-4 there along with season 1 of the show "Eight is Enough".  I got each season for $3.  I paid less for all 4 seasons at Goodwill than I would have on one season through!
~Wednesday I ran errands with Rachel (I drove this time) and found some Pedialyte marked down that was still good until next year.  I bought some to have on hand for Steven since it has been getting so hot so quickly and I worry about him getting dehydrated.
~I picked up more of the soda Jeff likes at the Dollar Store since they are only $1 for 2.5 liters.
~I found a kitchen set with 2 towels, a hot mitt and a pot holder for under $5 at Walmart.  It will be a wedding gift for some friends that are getting married this weekend.
~It rained both Wednesday night and for most of the day Thursday on and off so that saved on having to water the gardens.  I noticed on Thursday morning that some of the seeds I planted are coming up in the side garden and I am beyond thrilled!
~Thursday I cooked up 7 family packs of chicken thighs for an upcoming family event.  We did have 3 chicken thighs for dinner along with some rice and avocado since there was no way I was going to cook something different for dinner after doing the chicken in batches.
~Jeff and I watched "Survivor" online.
~Friday I was dealing with another flare so I rested for the day.  I did managed to get some laundry done and vacuumed since my hubby had to run some errands in the afternoon.

   I hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Sounds like quite a busy week and a lovely Mother's Day.
    Have a peaceful evening

  2. You have a lovely family there! I hope you get some rest, and feel well tomorrow:).

    Today, I went to an iris festival parade with the family, and it was very fun. We had never been to it before, although my sister and family go every single year. So, we, being good readers, saw that the street was closing at 9 for the parade, and hustled up and got over there around 8, expecting large crowds of people. Nope. We were the only ones for a long time, then a few came, then right at the last minute, they came from everywhere, carrying lawn chairs and sitting down on the sidewalks. The street was full of people, all at once, but it wasn't several people deep and felt comfortable. It was my favorite kind of parade--lots of fire trucks, the local marching band, little kids in their dance costumes, and a few horses. The kids got free snow cones and bubbles, and the Chinese food restaurant gave out free teriyaki chicken. Of course, candy was thrown, and everyone had a ball.

  3. Sounds like a very full week, Debbie! I really enjoyed reading about it! I'm so glad you had a lovely Mother's Day! And, may I say, that is a lovely picture of you and your family? Oh, and can you send some of that warm weather down here, please?

  4. Love seeing all the pictures of you and your family.

    Sounds like you got a lot done this week. So happy to hear your seeds are germinating! I'm off to go plant some as soon as I get off the computer this AM. Weather is cooler this weekend and I'm enjoying that.
    Cheers, SJ

  5. You have been a busy girl, slow down, you make me feel bad: Love the pictures of the family.

  6. I loved 8 is enough when I was a kid. Glad you had a productive week. You get lots of great deals at your Goodwill. Ours isn't that good. Most of their stuff is overpriced.

  7. Hi Chickie it has been a while since I commented here. I see that last week was a good one for you. I hope this past week has been just as good. With little Steven, will he eat iceblocks/popsicles? If so then pineapple juice and coconut water frozen ice blocks are wonderful for rehydration. I have some little iceblock molds that I make these up in. My little Granddaughter loved them when she was here in our really hot weather just before Christmas. She was 18months old at the time. Steven might still be too little, but the other little boys might like them.
    Hope you've had a good week and that you have your hot water sorted out. Our hot water played up last Friday. Thankfully it just needed a new thermostat.
    Hugs. Jane

  8. Hi Debbie!
    A belated happy birthday to baby Steven! :)
    I don't think I saw those shows, but the names soud familiar...
    I hope you're feeling better and we're praying for your family and all the people in Hawai.
    Have a blessed weekend!


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