Monday, December 18, 2017

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 12/09-12/15 2017


Steven making faces at the baby (himself) on the computer screen. 
We've been busy trying to get ready for Christmas and for a big party we are having for our kids and hanai kids this coming Friday.  We also got snow over the weekend and I was  busy baking so I have not had a chance to get this post up until now.  I am really hoping to slow down a bit this week so that I do not throw myself into another flare or continue with this one.  Onto the savings!

Lemon Chicken Pasta

~Saturday we stayed home and watched movies on Netflix and one of the ones I borrowed from the library.  We were both tired so we just kind of snacked for meals.
~Sunday we headed into town to do some shopping.  I found the candy I wanted to get Rachel at a Buy One Get One Free sale and I also found some other candy for Jeff on sale.
~We stopped at the Goodwill and found some nice sturdy baskets that I will use for Christmas and fill with goodies for people and a stereo receiver that Jeff wanted.  I also found a bag full of the Yankee Candle Melts for $4.99 and some brand new cozy socks for .49.
~We found fresh cranberries on sale for $1.49 a bag so I bought 4 bags of them.  I make a lot of cranberry orange bread for Christmas gifts.
~Monday Jeff got the outside lights hung up for me. :)
~I made Lemon Chicken Pasta for our main meal on Monday.  I cut up 2 bell peppers and froze one of them while making this dish.
~Thank goodness I have a huge stash of Christmas cards on hand.  I started working on them Monday getting them ready to send out.
~I found an old Bing Crosby Christmas album recording on YouTube and listened to it.  It is the same album I grew up listening to as a child.
~My replacement Fitbit Alta HR came in and I got that all configured and synced in.
~Tuesday my hanai sister Shannon and I went shopping in Spokane.  It was a long but fun day and she insisted on buying me lunch.  I was really good and only bought 1 thing at the Dollar Tree and 3 needed items at Costco where they have the best prices for those items.  I took cash with me and did not spend more than I had.  I also helped Shannon find the best deals on gifts for her kids.  I think they will be very pleased with what she got them. 😊 It always makes me happy to spend time with her and for us to have "girl time".  She really is the only person outside of my family that I spend time with now because she understands my limitations and supports me no matter what, just like Jeff and I do for her.  Friendships like that are rare these days and I feel so blessed to have her in my life.
~Wednesday I got hit with a flare/crash.  It was inevitable after the big day I had yesterday.  I had to change my plans for the day because my energy level was low and my pain level was high.  I did manage to get 2 loaves of bread made though.

~Jeff was really tired and got up for a bit, ran down to the library for me, had the nice dinner I made for us, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and a salad, then he cleaned the kitchen for me and headed back to bed so he would be able to stay awake at work.  The roads have been icy, so that makes things stressful while driving and wears him out.
~I got the hot tub all heated up and I had a good soak in it.  Jeff had headed back to bed for awhile after he had dinner so it was just me this time and it felt really good.  I am finding that the cold weather is affecting me more this year than it did last.
~My son Chris called to let me know that both he and his buddy got a deer each!  I am so glad that he finally got one.  He has been taking his buddies out hunting and helping them get their deer so I am glad he finally got one too.  That means more venison for the freezer for us!  Chris is amazing and provides all our venison and elk meat for us.  I very rarely buy beef anymore.  That saves us so much money and the meat he hunts for is much healthier for us.  We are very blessed!
~We borrowed more movies from the library.
~I'm continuing to enjoy the beautiful Christmas music courtesy of YouTube.
~Thursday I cashed in at Swagbucks for a $25 Walmart gift card for 2,200 points.  I will use it at the after Christmas clearance sales to stock up on things then. :)
~I did not eat much at all during the day so around 11 p.m. I found myself really hungry.  I got some nonfat cottage cheese and topped that with some cut up cucumbers.  That was topped with some fresh black pepper and some celery salt.  I ate it out of one of the bowls that we have here for the grandboys because it is a smaller bowl and that helps limit my portion size. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.😉

~Friday baby Steven came over to spend the afternoon and evening with us.  I had his mommy pack extra diapers and clothes just in case they could not make it back out here to get him since the snow was really starting to pile up.
~I used my points at Disney Movie Rewards to redeem for 2 movies.  One I know of and the other is a mystery! :)  It will be fun to see what I get.
~Jeff finished off the meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner and I had a nice hot bowl of clam chowder.  That just sounded so good on this snowy evening.
~I had Jeff take my car, that has new tires and has 4 wheel drive along with full insurance coverage along with gap insurance to work with him since the roads are icy and snow covered too.  I figured he would not only be safer, but if something did happen, the insurance would cover the cost of repairs or replacement on my car whereas his just has liability coverage on his.

Steven and his buddy Caesar.

   My favorite frugal activity this week has got to be spending time with baby Steven.  He is crawling and pulling himself up into a standing position now.  He is also into everything!  Caesar and Steven shared kisses and have become best buddies. so much so that when Caesar would leave the room, Steven would get upset.  I see a dog in his future. Merry Christmas to you all!


  1. Love those pictures of baby Steven! Glad you had the energy for a wonderful visit. And your hot tub time sounds amazing - wish I had that here.
    I'm doing ok - alternating days home with quick errands on the alternate days.
    Be blessed, my friend. And Merry Christmas to you as well.

    1. Thanks SJ! I think you are wise to alternate days of errands. I think I will go out one more time this week, most likely tomorrow or Wednesday, and then not go anywhere again until Christmas Eve for a church service. :) Be blessed!

  2. It's alway fun to have a little one in your home! Your gathering sounds fun. I hope you are able to rest and build your energy so you can enjoy your party. Merry Christmas, Debbie!

    1. HI Wendi and thank you! We love having the grandkids here with us. I am hoping that after Christmas we can have the little boys here for a sleepover once I can reclaim that guest bedroom. Right now the Christmas gifts have taken over that room. :) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family!

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family! It must be lovely to have little ones at this time of the year. My granddaughter turned 18 this year so no more little kids. I know what you mean about the cold weather this year. It is affecting me so much more than it usually does. Flare after flare this year. And I'm always cold. They tested my thyroid but say that is all good so just the fibromyalgia doing it's thing. Got most of my running around done around here this last week. Was up helping my mom pack up stuff, organize and donate stuff for 10 days. Cleaning, moving, organizing. I was so tired when I came home but knew I didn't want to be out all this week running so had to get most of it done last week like grocery shopping and a few more presents, P.O. etc... Hoping to have the next few days at home where I can set the pace a little slower. Take care!

    1. HI Crystal! I am having more problems too with the cold too. Strange that it is affecting both of us so much. YOu have been so busy helping your mom get moved. I would be so exhausted. Praying that you can get some much needed rest and are able to enjoy Christmas! Be blessed!

  4. This is such a busy time of year! I'm hoping we can all feel as well as we can through it!! I'm gaining on what needs to be done. Today, I sent Rob and Lovana (husband and daughter) to the dentist, as he is off work for the holiday break. I'm glad that is done for him--he hates fillings as much as I do! Maybe more. So, when we add in the appointments to an already busy time of year....yikes!

    I'm trying to take a little time and deliberately count my blessings during this season. I will be really mad at myself if I come out of it feeling I missed the joy of Christmas with all the bustle and such:). So far, so good! I'm feeling joyful and thankful so far!!! Becky (whose computer kicked her off Google again). No rhyme or reason I can tell.

    1. Hi Becky, I'm glad the dentist is done for Rob and Lovana. I'm not a fan of going to the dentist either. ;) I am also glad that you are taking time to enjoy the blessing of this season. I think today was my last trip into town before Christmas. I just needed to pick up some things for a party we are having here on Friday. Other than that, I think we are set. :) I'm really looking forward to a quieter week next week. My husband has this Friday and of course Christmas (Monday) off and then also has next Friday and the following Monday off. :)

      Be blessed!

  5. Hi again. Meant to say that I just love that photo with Caesar and the baby! It just makes me smile...babies and dogs!
    I popped out to the thrift store today to catch the senior's 30% off day. Found a few dvds and some books (buy 4 get the 5th free) and a Swingline manual can opener. I knew I had scored with the an opener when a guy behind me in line commented about how great they were. Ha!
    Came out of the store to find a full on snow storm had started. And snow was already sticking on the roads and sidewalks. The noon news said it should clear by tomorrow morning but another storm will be here with snow on Thursday. Perfect - I pick up my turkey and hamper tomorrow and then can be homebound if need be.
    Cheers, SJ

    1. Thanks SJ, I do too! Caesar adores children and he wants to be close to them at all times. :) Great scores at the thrift store! The only manual can openers I like and have had good luck with are the Swingline ones.

      I'm kind of jealous of your snow. Our's mostly rained and melted off, but there is hope for more before Christmas. My mom got 9 inches at their place in Montana and now all I want to do is get in the car and go see her, my dad, and my brother. ;)

      Be blessed and stay warm and safe!

  6. Baby Steven has grown so much! It sounds like you've had a very frugal week and are all ready for Christmas. Unlike some of us! But I was concentrating on the almsgiving.

    I wish you and all your family a wonderful Christmas.

    1. LOL BLess, you will do fine with Christmas. Whatever gets done, does and whatever doesn't well don't stress over it. I have not made all the candy this year and I'm thinking that I will just skip it. I have a few more things to get made in the kitchen, but beyond that, I'm not doing anything extra.

      Merry Christmas my friend!


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