Friday, May 19, 2017

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 5/13-5/19 2017


   We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of little Steven.  It could be any time now and I am pretty much glued to the phone at this point.  😀  I think I did well this week.  I stayed home for most of the week and stuck to my grocery list when I did go shopping on Thursday.  My energy level is still lower than normal due to the congestion that is still hanging around in my chest, but we are making progress there too.  Onto the savings...

~Saturday's trip to Goodwill was a fruitful one.  I found a food chopper tool that I had been wanting for cutting onions, a spiralizer for making "noodles" with veggies, some blackboard paint, a brand new in package Dr. Brown's bottle, a pair of work pants for Jeff, a shirt for Jeff, a crock to put my kitchen utensils in, a large glass jar with lid, a new sand bucket and shovel, and a new bag of kitty litter.
~Sunday I spent the day in bed but was able to get up and go to our family Birthday/Mother's Day party that evening.  It was potluck style.  My kids blessed me with a bottle of wine and a nice flower hanging basket.
~Sunday night was watched the movie "Goonies" once we got home from the party.  Jeff had never seen it and I only remembered bits and pieces of it.

~Monday we worked in the garden and I found some volunteer cilantro and what I think are cucumbers.  I transplanted the "cucumbers" and seeded in some lettuce.
~We had leftovers for lunch and dinner Monday.
~More free magazines came in the mail.
~I cashed in at Swagbucks for a $10 gift card to Texas Roadhouse.  That brings our gift cards for there up to $35 which will take a big chunk off our bill the next time we go there for lunch.  I also got a 50 SB rebate towards my next gift card purchase.
~I finally was able to get in on some samples at Pinch Me this morning.

~Rainwater was collected and used to water my seedlings and tomato plants that are currently living in the hot tub enclosure.
~I pulled some homemade chicken noodle soup out of the freezer to have for dinner on Tuesday since it was a rainy day.
~We were almost out of pancake mix so I mixed up another batch of it.  I like knowing what is going into my mix and not having to worry about all the preservatives.
~I restocked our little bag that we take with us when we go away with a sample sized antiperspirant and toothpaste.  Both those items were free from the PinchMe box I got earlier this month.
~I've been using the free laundry detergent that we got while "treasure hunting".
~Swagbucks earning opportunities have been running in the background as I do other work on my computer.
~We had some overripe bananas so I made 3 loaves of banana bread with them.  The hubby was pretty happy about that. 😀
~Wednesday night Jeff started his Summer Bowling League (my early Father's Day gift to him since he usually does not bowl in the Summer).  Since it was just me for dinner, I made some artichoke ravioli and had that with a glass of wine and some strawberries.

~I found family packs of beer bratwurst on sale and repackaged them into ziplock bags with 3 each in them and froze 3 packages for later.
~I cooked up 2 of the bratwurst with 2 potatoes for lunch on Friday while the banana bread was also baking.
~The banana peels from making banana bread were used to fertilize 2 of our rose bushes.

~I found a Volcano's National Park from the Big Island of Hawaii (where I grew up) at the thrift store.
~The amazing hubby got fencing up around the pears trees so that Caesar would stop eating the actual trees!  Last year he stripped all the pears from the trees and ate them...this Spring he has decided that the trees themselves taste good.
~We got caught up on some of our favorite TV shows online.
~Jeff was inducted into the local Bowling Hall of Fame on Friday night.  They had a banquet and his meal was free but we did have to pay $25 for mine.  It was so worth it though to have my sweetheart honored like this!

   Still praying here that my next post will be about our grandson Steven making his appearance!  I can't wait to cuddle our newest grandson and tell him how much we love him and have been anxiously awaiting his arrival.  I also can't wait to see our Jaysn and Rachel have their dreams and prayers of having a child become all so real!  Thank you God for answered prayers!


  1. You got some nice deals.
    Sorry you are not 100% back to health. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new baby. Good luck to all!!!
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Your description of Caesar and the pear tree made me laugh. Thx.
    Hoping and praying for the safe arrival of this little boy.

  3. Hope you feel better, soon! You have me wanting some banana bread!

    1. Bless, I think I shared my recipe for it here on the blog before. It may be under the tag recipes.


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