Friday, April 21, 2017

Frugal Friday Wrap Up 4/15-4/21 2017


   It has been a really busy week for us with lots of good food, family, and recovery from all the happy but hectic getting ready for the baby shower last weekend.  I worked this week, did some thrift store shopping and found some great deals both there and at the grocery stores that will make our Summer BBQs and camping trips easier for us all. 

~We had tons of leftover food, even after giving a bunch away, after the baby shower so I froze quite a few of the treats.
~My mother took Jeff, my cousin Jeremy and myself out to dinner after the baby shower.  I could not finish all my food so I brought that home and had the leftovers for lunch on Monday.
~Sunday Jeff mowed the lawn and worked on some things outside while I crashed on the couch all day.  We had leftovers for dinner.
~We used our hot tub multiple times.
~I made a corn, ham and potato chowder with some of the leftover ham.

~I froze lots of leftover soup and turkey for future meals.
~Our town had a free Spring Clean Up Day where they will take your big items clean out garbage for free.  We took advantage of that!
~I sent my mom home with homemade Turkey soup, homemade Zuppa Toscana soup, some venison, elk and moose meat, and grapes and cherry tomatoes.
~Tuesday I went to Goodwill after I finished working at MOPS and found a few things there.  I love when I can find brand new products in the HBA section that we need and use for a fraction of their retail price.  I spent $2.99 on a hair product that I use on a regular basis that retails for between $14-$16.  I also found some bug repellant spray (that we are going to need going camping next month), a body spray that I love, brand new candles, a shirt, permanent markers, a jar with a chalkboard label and a few other items.

~Wednesday I went to my favorite thrift store to drop off some donations and of course I found some things there too. ;)  With all the weight that I have unfortunately gained, I needed to find some capris that would fit me for this Summer.  I found 2 pairs at $3.47 each, 3 shirts (one was brand new with tags at $2.98 each), a shirt for Jeff on the clearance rack for .10, 2 cookbooks, a gorgeous framed picture, a Costco sized bag of paper cups for .99, a Tupperware divided server with lid for .99, a Bodum French Press large covered tea drinking glass (this will come in really handy for camping and hotel stays since you can also do coffee in it) for .99, a spatula that you use when cooking fish, a sippy cup for the new baby when he is ready to transition from bottles to cups, and a  complete sushi making kit with all the molds for .99.

~Walmart had some amazing markdowns in their gourmet cheese section.  I found both smoked gouda and regular gouda for half off or more.  I bought 2 of each!  They also had Stove Top stuffing marked down to .80 a box.  When I got to the register, 3 of the boxes rang up at .40 each (I had 3 of each of 2 different flavors).  I love to keep this on hand since we use it year round.

~Safeway had some really good deals on toilet paper for their 12 packs of double rolls.  I got the limit of 2 for $3.99 each.  I also stocked up on diced canned tomatoes at .38 each, some marked down green enchilada sauce (we use this a lot), pasta at .68 a box, and picked up some apples and salad that were on sale too.

~Thursday I stayed home to rest and get caught up on laundry (I was exhausted after my outing on Wednesday and did not sleep well that night since my son Chris, who is a police officer, was out trying to track down an escaped prisoner).  I had leftovers for lunch which made it easy and tasted delicious too).
~Two more loaves of bread were made.
~Thank goodness for backup appliances!  My blow dryer has decided to shut off randomly now.  I have 2 extra blowdryers on hand here.  One I was given and the other is a fold up on that I use when we travel.
~We received several more magazines in the mail.  Most of them are ones I got for my son Chris.
~My hubby has his bowling league on Thursday nights so it is just Doofy cat, Caesar dog and I at home.  I made myself a fruit and cheese platter for dinner with some of the smoked Gouda I got on sale, crisp Gala apple slices, some green grapes and some multigrain crackers.

~I got paid on Friday for working on Tuesday at MOPS.  That was fast!
~Jeff and I picked up 3 geranium plants for $2 each.  These 3 plants will fill up the planter that I keep near our front door.  I love being greeted by happy flowers all Spring and Summer long when I either open my door to leave or come home.
~I had leftovers for lunch on Friday.

   This weekend we are hoping to get the garden ready to plant if the weather cooperates with us.  I really want to get my cold weather crops in here soon.  Who knows we may even BBQ some steaks for dinner too.  Be blessed!


  1. You've had a busy week! I love thrift shopping and love seeing what others find. I found a great pair of capris at my local thrift too. I was so happy.

    1. I am so glad you found some capris too! While digging through a pile of clothing that I had set aside since they were all warmer weather things, I found another pair of denim long shorts today. So happy!

  2. You found some great bargains, it's always fun to read about them.
    We like StoveTop year round too. We even like it better than homemade dressing at Thanksgiving.
    I can imagine how you must worry about your police officer son. People are just crazy anymore.

    1. Hi Rhonda and thank you! People are crazy these days aren't they? I actually have 2 sons that are police officers, one is civilian and one in in the military. Both are SWAT officers too so that just ups my worry. If I did not have God in my life, I would never have any peace.

  3. What a great and busy week you had! Great finds, as usual, at your thrift stores. I too have put on a little weight this winter. So it goes..
    I'm taking it easy today. I had had a big day Thursday with a maintenance dentist appointment. Yesterday was really nice and I spent too much time in one of my gardens. But oh so much fun.
    So today is a scheduled day at home. Already walked the dog. And have leftovers for dinner tonight.
    Take care, SJ

    1. Hi SJ, I'm glad you are taking it easy today. I think I may have overdone it also today working on getting seeds started, doing some planting in my planters and weeding. I am one sore lady right now. Good thing I cooked up some meat for tacos earlier today. I think we are going to have taco salads for dinner since they are super easy and good. I hope you are all rested up by tomorrow my friend!

  4. Sounds like another great week for you. The thrift stores around here are so expensive any more. I hardly ever go - but I did stop at the church thrift store today.
    I absolutely LOVE smoked gouda cheese. I got some cheaply at Aldi this past holiday and I am still holding onto one chunk!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Cheryl, a lot of the stores around here raised their prices too. I try to go on days when they have colored tags discounts or clearance days if possible. The college students will be leaving and donating a lot of things here in a few weeks and I have noticed that some of the locally owned thrift stores will lower their prices to help move the abundance of merchandise they get when this happens.

      I went back to Walmart yesterday to see if they possibly had any of the gouda cheese left and nope. Man I wish I would have bought more. I just finished my first of the 2 things of the smoked gouda today.

  5. OK, now I'm jealous! Ha! Such a great price on that cheese. And I had to spend good money on a new French press this month, never have seen one in a thrift store. Hope you have a lovely restful week!


    1. LOL Jayne. :) And here I was thinking that I was the one who kept getting jealous of all those amazing things your hubby and you make! ;) I hope you have a lovely week as well my friend!

  6. I spent yesterday watching playoff hockey for most of the day. Don't watch it during the regular season but have really been enjoying the playoffs.
    I slept well last night - joy of joys. I know you get how amazing that can be.
    Later this morning, I'm meeting up with some garden ladies to plant the bed we use for donations. We donate to a program for teen parents and their cooking class. The weekly class uses what we've donated and also sends some home with the parents. Very cool program, imo.
    We're having a break in the rain storm so hopefully it will continue for the rest of the morning.
    Take good care. It's so easy to over do in the gardens this time of year. Cheers, SJ

    1. SJ, I am so glad you got a good night's sleep, so did I. :) And yes, it is amazing! ;)

      I love that you and those other ladies are doing a garden bed to donate the produce to teen parents. That is absolutely awesome! What a huge blessing you are to them.

      I did overdo in the garden today and am now in bed paying for it big time. I transplanted 2 small Italian Prune Plum trees and dug out an old rose bush that my hubby did not like since it had gone wild on us. Yes, I should have had him do it but I got tired of asking and waiting so I did it myself. Big mistake on my part. I pulled some muscles in my neck and back and did something to my hip. It also threw me into a Fibro flare. Not a good combination and one that left me in tears. So much for getting the peas and spinach planted today or for the next few days for that matter at this rate. So frustrated!


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